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Short Thought: Why Are Gaming Conventions So Awkward?

Short Thought: Why Are Gaming Conventions So Awkward?

You can imagine the dilemma occurring to the event organiser for any prominent gaming company: they have a packed house of waiting fans, journalists and sceptics, do they send out someone who knows the game but has no speaking skills or a presenter with no technical knowledge?

Often times that choice is made poorly. You only need to look at some of the copious examples of oh-so awkward E3 presentations on YouTube to see that. Middle-aged men trying to use new-age language and slang (“all the feels”) and ‘get down with the kids’ with the same sort of panache that you’d expect from a drunken uncle at a wedding.

Iwata Mario LuigiI’ve visited a number of business technology expos and conferences to date and I can safely say that, aside from a few notable exceptions, they’re a far more professional and less awkward affair. Perhaps it’s an audience thing: gaming is still in a tug-of-war between its childish roots and its newfound adult and artistic leanings. Then again, it’s probably difficult to remain straight-faced and business-like when you’re talking about a new DOOM game.

There are a few notable exceptions to the rule. Peter Molyneux, despite never really delivering on his promises, manages to mix that sense of enthusiasm and information perfectly. Todd Howard of Bethesda is another who manages to remain calm and yet also exude a sense of excitement.

It seems, though, that as companies try their best to find an angle with which to beat their competitors, rather than actually making better games, we’ll see more examples of laser-tag fights, acrobatics and shoddy magic tricks.

Short Thought
Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton

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Acelister - 11:23am, 1st July 2015

The worst thing is when they get sports personalities on stage. Some of them can't string together a word with three syllables and you want them to explain why Fifa 16 isn't 90% the same game as Fifa 15?

djd4ws0n - 11:31am, 1st July 2015

"why Fifa 16 isn't 90% the same game as Fifa 15?"

Is the 10% because they're adding women this "season"?

Acelister - 11:34am, 1st July 2015

Yup. ;)

domdange - 04:58pm, 1st July 2015

Guys in suits trying to talk to gamer's on their level is just the worst.

"you dudes are going to be stoked with this rad new game"

Ewok - 11:38am, 2nd July 2015

Truth is, being a gamer isn't about being young and hip anymore. There's plenty of gamers in their 30s, 40s and 50s, with jobs, families and responsibilities. We've grown up now.

Just talk to us like adults when you show your games, you don't need to pretend to be 'down with the kids' anymore. It's not all about the kids...

My personal lowlight of E3 was this moment: