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Metro 2033 Diaries Part Eight

Metro 2033 Diaries Part Eight

This is my ongoing exploration of the Metro games, played in release order. I will chronicle my playthrough of each title in turn and discuss any recurring themes and noteworthy events. This time I continue Metro 2033 Redux.

After surviving the Depot and Hole station, I was now only a short way from Black station - assuming the Nazis on the surface didn’t hinder me…

Right outside of Hole station’s door was a Nazi encampment. Through a sheer miracle, I managed to sneak around all of the ones on the ground and the spotlight, and made my way up into the various walkways and gantries that had been set up headed for street level.

Rather than attempt to press my luck, I shot the three Nazis at the top in the head with unusual accuracy, looting them before heading up to the street. A Nazi came flying out of a building, and bullets chased a demon as it pursued him. The demon grabbed the man as he ran past me, and I quickly ducked into the building he had exited.

20180325131308 1

This was just before the man came out of the building and I dove for cover

Sneaking inside, I decided to continue my spree of headshots. I rounded a corner and found several Nazis in one hallway. I shot two in the head, but then had to have a brief firefight with the survivors. I looted them and found my way to the roof up a ladder. Gunning down four more men, I could hear the demon from earlier. I decided that I didn’t want to be grabbed and tossed from the roof, so I assumed a position in a roofless room, where I could shoot it.

After far, far too many rounds (most of which hit), it fell to the ground. I wouldn’t be attacked by it, at least! So I went up to the roof and looted what I could before spotting a satellite dish connected to some equipment. Unfortunately, it didn’t appear to be what the captain outside of Hole station wanted me to use, so I went back inside the building.

Dropping down a hole into a room, I snuck out and shotgunned some people with relative ease. Two more Nazis came in, and I dispatched them too before finally looting everybody. It was nice to rebuild my ammo supplies, before I went outside to confront more Nazis. Unfortunately for them, a couple more demons showed up to help me murder them.

20180325133049 1

Not pictured - demons because of that damned Nazi spotlight

I tried sneaking and shooting the odd Nazi - I didn’t have the ammo to take on those demons - but I started getting shot at. I ran for it, stopping only to inject myself with health. It was touch-and-go, but I dove into the next subway, finally arriving at my rendezvous with Ulman - Black station.

As I approached the station a Nazi stopped me, only to get stabbed in the throat by Ulman. Unfortunately, that was the only aid he could give me. I made my way into the station proper to take out a generator that Ulman told me to knock out. I took out two Nazis, and managed to avoid being spotted for quite a while, using my ninja-like abilities.

20180325194737 1

Some guys who didn't know they were dead yet

Arriving on a scaffold, a commander ordered one of the soldiers to post a guard at the generator. I bided my time, waited for two of the soldiers to peel off for the generator, before shooting the third in the head, and then the commander. The other two didn’t hear or notice, so I went around and shot them both before looting the corpses. After turning off the generator, I went through the back door and found a Nazi patrolling a train car.

After shooting the guy, I went through the train to check for things, then went down into an area full of spiders. I walked with my lighter held out, burning any cobwebs I walked into. I found my way to an area full of Nazis, but managed to headshot two of them before they realised what was going on. A brief firefight resulted in me being victorious, and I quickly looted before climbing one of the broken escalators.

Out of the three paths ahead, I chose the left tunnel, and listened for quite a while as one Nazi explained the “Metro 2” conspiracy to his compatriots. Apparently, it was where the Russian pantheon waited beneath the metro for mankind to find their way down. Unfortunately, before he was done, someone came down the tunnel I was in and I had to shoot him. The Nazis were confused, allowing me to headshot a few of them before they began returning fire. In all, I got shot once and murdered five of them: a fair trade in my eyes.

20180325195535 1

The guy talked for five minutes before I was spotted...

There was a lit hatch, so I decided to drop down into it. I put on my gas mask and pulled my lighter back out to destroy the cobwebs. It was obviously a disused series of passageways, but I was still on guard for mutants. I reached a gate and opened it, and at the end of it found a main metro tunnel - and Ulman. I climbed aboard his rail bike, and he started it up. Together, we headed to Polis, and the end of my quest…

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Andrew Duncan


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