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gamescom 2021: Century: Age of Ashes

If you aren't tuned into this gamescom 2021, we just got a look at the new free-to-play multiplayer game, Century: Age of Ashes. Compete online in this mystical dragon-riding combat game. We were introduced to a teaser trailer that featured the options of players being either the dragons or warriors in gameplay. We see exciting battles taking place in the sky, through canyons and castle ruins. 

Century: Age of Ashes will have three Founder's Packs:

  • Behemoth Founder's Pack
  • Leviathan Founder's Pack
  • Wyvern Founder's Pack

Century: Age of Ashes is set to be released by 18th November 2021 on Steam. 

gamescom 2021
Kasey B Burgess

Kasey B Burgess

Staff Writer

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