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gamescom 2021: Stray Blade Trailer

A third-person action RPG set in the valley of Acria, Stray Blade was announced at Xbox's gamescom 2021 show.

We heard from the game director, who told us about the player character and their little wolf buddy Boji. The combat is soulslike, needing moment-to-moment adjustment, with some amazing finishing moves.

As you explore Acria, decisions that you make and things that you do will affect the world in a similar way to the Nemesis system in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. When you die, the world will continue on until you're revived, which may include enemy camps refilling with enemies. There are, of course, also going to be epic boss fights.

Stray Blade is coming out in 2022.

gamescom 2021
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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