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Red Faction Diaries Part Four

Red Faction Diaries Part Four

This is my ongoing exploration of the Red Faction Universe. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old-goer, I hope to make this something you can read along with and enjoy. I continue with Red Faction.

Now with Gryphon in Parker’s custody, and on the way to meet with Eos, we had encountered stiff resistance in the form of an auto-turret and some guards who were wise to the situation…

I ran in and blew up the auto-turrets, then took out the men inside the guard booth. I blasted the wall down with a remote charge and opened the door, joining Gryphon in the nearby lift when he went through.

2015 12 04 2

Just like when we first met -- at gunpoint

Part of the shaft was lined with windows, so guards began to fire as soon as the lift came into view. Gryphon jumped in the nearby craft and encouraged me to join him, which I did. I used the cannons to open fire on the guards, before making our escape through an opening in the ceiling. It led out to a series of tunnels, which I navigated pretty easily, destroying two other craft and avoiding a third.

I used the on-board missiles and cannons to take out the guards near the landing zone. Once I hit the ground, Gryphon led the way into the next section, the waste disposal facility. Whilst he cowered, I found my way to a giant robot which began to pepper me with bullets and garnish me with rockets. I legged it into the room with the big hole of fire and waited for the bot to hover over it -- before activating the giant fan and opening the hole. It was pushed into the hole where it exploded in a harmless fireball.

Gryphon wanted to leave right away, but Parker got all uppity about it, refusing to go anywhere. Good thing too, as some more miners arrived, and escorted Gryphon away. Do I mean both of us? Of course not. I was told to go into the fire pit, where there was a shaft leading to some medical labs.

2015 12 04 00004

"You have a reputation of getting people killed... We want to live!"

Once I reached the labs, I was told to put on a lab coat for some undercover work.I was sensing a pattern, as I soon got discovered and the shooting began. I made my way through the lab, needing to kill an administrator for his keycard. Upon reaching the restricted area, I located my next target, whom I had to bring in alive: Capek. He was apparently the one responsible for the plague, and thus should be able to cure it. So, of course, Parker tried to shoot him, with the slightest provocation of “I’ve been experimenting on more miners due to the rebellion”...

2015 12 04 00009

Not that it was even a good shot...

Luckily -- or not -- Capek had a nanotech shield in place, ready to absorb any weapons fire aimed at him. He ran and, as I had to capture the nutter, I gave chase! Down into the tunnels beneath the labs, and far underground. Unfortunately I was low on explosives, so had to follow rather than take a more direct route.

As I went, I was attacked by some kind of beasts, both big and small, as well as guards from in front and behind. Luckily the two began to fight each other, meaning I could restock my personal arsenal easily.

After a small pond, a waterfall and more rock than I’d seen in my mining days, I reached Capek’s Zoo. Unlike a normal one, however, this was full of guards and some more of those creatures. As I found a viewing window, behind which were some very sorry looking specimens, Capek taunted that they were miners who didn’t react well to being injected with nanotech.

2015 12 04 00012

Seven of Nine they were not...

Through more tunnels, into a submarine pen, underwater and through more labs, I eventually found my way into an ice tunnel. Over halfway down, Capek came over my comm to taunt me some more, and mentioned that this was a feeding shoot -- just as a beast began to roar and screech. As I landed, I was confronted by a giant worm thing. It began to spit at me, which was easily dodged as I unloaded my submachine gun into its ugly face.

2015 12 04 00013

"Apparently, she's the looker!" - Kryten, Red Dwarf -- applicable here

I went over the cattle catcher which blocked its escape, and made my own escape. I had to fight off some more mutated miners and guards, but eventually reached another medical facility, followed by an elevator. After heading down and avoiding being shot due to shutters moving to cover windows, I headed downstairs to Capek’s “inner sanctum”. I killed a bunch of guards before Capek ultimately showed himself. I opened fire at the mad scientist just before the wall nearby exploded and Eos came out! We both fired automatic weapons at Capek before a cutscene kicked in.

With Capek dying, Eos desperately tried to get the cure from him. Parker looked on and would have silently judged Capek, if not for all the verbal judging he was doing. Despite him being open about his hatred, Eos decided against letting Parker die as the lab begun a self destruct sequence. Instead, she sacrificed herself to looking through Capek’s computers to find the cure, telling Parker to leave through the open wall.

There was a member of the Red Faction in a vehicle. He said that Eos went in to confront Capek, leaving him with word that if she didn’t come out, Parker would, and that they should head on to the next objective...

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Red Faction Diaries
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