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Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part Four

Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part Four

This is my ongoing exploration of the Red Faction Universe. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old-goer, I hope to make this something you can read along with and enjoy. I am continuing Red Faction Guerilla.

After Marauders stole some weapons, Mason followed them to a device at one of their hideouts which he quickly stole, prompting a violent reaction from the EDF...

I spent a while smashing things up, destroying high value EDF facilities, and the occasional time trial. It was really fun, because stuff’s got to be smashed. I wound up regretting it, though.

I even did another House Arrest mission, rescuing two miners who had been supplying the Red Faction. Rather than just smashing through the walls as I had done last time, I went around the back of the building and snuck in. Things only got tense when I clubbed a soldier and ran inside, without taking care of his friend. Backup was called, and I had to hustle these two people into the closest vehicle, before driving them at breakneck pace to the Dust safehouse.

20160818124041 1

"I didn't steal this, I brought it from home!"

When I went to the next mission, I was told that I was to “liberate” a demolition mech from EDF hands. I went for the mission area and began smacking EDF troops with my hammer. I wound up running away from their reinforcements as bullets rained down all around me, and quickly found the mech.

20160818124729 1

Boy, did I find the mech!

I hopped in and began rampaging around the facility, heading for the drop-off point. Unfortunately it really was a mining mech, as it didn’t have any weapons attached… I tried to ignore the EDF, and until they brought out the big guns it was pretty easy. With the health of the mech quickly draining, I managed to reach the truck and clamber onto it. Mason grabbed the rocket launcher attached to the vehicle, and I began blasting the EDF following us -- as well as various buildings we passed.

It all culminated in a race across a bridge, before the Red Faction blew it behind us, ending the mission. It felt a little anticlimactic, as my next target -- some ‘destroy this’ objective -- took me back the way we had just come. The bridge was no more, but vehicles were already going around the handy slope beside it, and up the other side…

For the moment, that was all of the missions that Red Faction were prepared for, so it fell to me to do some more wanton destruction of EDF personnel and property. Whilst destroying some kind of depot, I found another mech and happily jumped up into it. I walked it through all of the surrounding buildings, ignoring the growing number of soldiers shooting automatic weapons at me. Once all three were down, I walked off to find some more places to smash, locating the Dust city hall -- another high value EDF target.

I stomped through the first security tower, then went straight into the main building. It was huge, and without the mech it would have taken me dozens of explosives, or a solid twenty minutes of hammer work. In a few minutes it was falling down around my ears, and the mech’s health was running out. I was a solid two kilometers from where I began, so in its final act, I destroyed the second security tower, and leaped out to make my escape.

At this point, the next mission opened up, so I headed south to the rally point. I was told about some huge artillery guns, and heard something about them bombarding Dust. thankfully, my lack of paying attention didn’t result in me having to take out the huge weaponry, instead I had to race through Dust warning people to get the hell out of there. You’d think that was obvious, but I also had to grab files and supplies, so it wasn’t all bad.

20160818201433 1

I suppose, at least they were mainly hitting the ground and not buildings...

I managed to avoid a direct hit from the many explosions, though the arrival of Marauders made things a little more interesting. I managed to grab a different one of their vehicles when I abandoned my own one, to add to my collection.

20160818202016 1


Having now liberated Dust -- that was why the EDF were shelling Dust -- I met up with Samanya and Hugo Davies. They had apparently got some more news on the thing I stole from the Marauders. It turned out to be “something” with nanites -- well worth dragging me into the Badlands…

20160818202136 1

She literally said "Something to do with nanites"...

They needed more scrap, and luckily I had enough on me to move things along swiftly, thanks to my frequent destructive habits. Samanya gave Alec a rifle and had him shoot a wall on a hill, explaining that the item was a nano forge, and now that she had strapped it to a rifle, it was a nano forge rifle. Basically, bullets fired from the rifle were covered in nanobots, which would disassemble walls, vehicles and even people.

I was then sent on my way, but told that if the nano forge fell into EDF hands, that would be it for the Red Faction. I went for the closest mission out of the three available.

Although I hadn’t had to take out the artillery in the previous mission, unfortunately that now seemed on the cards. I had to kidnap Colonel Broga from the artillery base, and have him interrogated. I picked up the interrogator and her friend, and we went to meet Broga, whose escorts were easily dispatched. We kidnapped him in his own vehicle, and the interrogator (who had some personal issues with the man) began torturing him for information. I was manning the turret, keeping the various aircraft and APCs chasing us, off our backs, whilst the friend drove. Once they had the information we needed, we all leapt out of the APC and let it plunge off of a cliff into a bottomless crevice.

20160818210258 1

They could have gotten closer to make my job easier...

Mission done, I headed for another one whilst committing some property damage along the way. Apparently some workers had been gunned down in Oasis, and so the Red Faction were delivering medical supplies. I wasn’t to escort, however, I had to take out the checkpoints before the truck arrived. I loaded up on explosives, and the nano forge, and headed out.

I was sent ahead, rather than having to race ahead of a speeding truck, to the first checkpoint. However, whilst still trying to destroy the buildings, the truck had to head towards us, and a couple of remaining soldiers opened fire on it. They did minimal damage before I took them out, and I headed for the second checkpoint. By the time they had to run away from EDF behind them, the troops were all dead, and I was down to only a few explosives and one nano forge round.

More EDF arrived after the truck had left the second checkpoint, and I had to hold them off. Luckily it was only ten or so, in a collection of vehicles, so it didn’t take long to mop up. As I was cleaning up the remaining buildings at the checkpoint, I noticed a small mech tucked away in a corner.

20160818212752 1

Think: a smaller version of that mech from Aliens

It was a light mech, and so equipped with jump jets! I hopped in and had some fun tearing apart the one remaining building, then ran off -- because boy can those things run! I was running at random, when one of the Red Faction noticed the nearby arc reactor power plant, and said I should blow it up. I felt confident in my ability to deal booster-equipped mechanised destruction, so hopped over the hills between myself and the plant.

As it so happened, the EDF got incredibly cross at my systematic destruction of their facility. The bullets were heavier than the dust in Dust, and still my light mech tore through walls and people as quickly as I could move. As its health reached critical, I jumped out and legged it, the explosion it caused taking out the final building in the area.

Happy with that, I ran for the Oasis safehouse. It was the only way to get the EDF off of my back, and it would allow a restock. I could feel a tough mission just around the corner...

Red Faction Diaries
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