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Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part One

Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part One

This is my ongoing exploration of the Red Faction Universe. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old-goer, I hope to make this something you can read along with and enjoy. I am beginning Red Faction Guerilla.

Alec Mason arrived on Mars, meeting with his brother Dan just after getting through customs. On a work visa it stated that he is a miner, with demolitions experience. As Dan drove them to the prefabricated shack they would be sharing, he explained what the deal was -- the Earth Defence Force (EDF) had terraformed Mars, and was in charge of 90% of the planet. Once the saviours of the rebellion on Mars, when Parker and Eos brought them to save the miners from the Ultor Corporation 50 years ago, they were now a little bit mad with power.

Arresting people on trumped up charges, enforcing a curfew and your normal run of the mill firing squads -- the people had had enough. The Red Faction was formed once more, to fight against the injustices which the EDF had begun to represent, and Dan seemed to be involved, when he met with Samanya outside the shack. Samanya was affiliated with the Red Faction, something that Alec knew for a fact, given that her wanted poster was at the customs checkpoint.

Later, whilst being shown the ropes (consisting of “knock down that building with your massive hammer and collect the scrap so we can sell it”), Dan told Alec that he was, in fact, working with the Red Faction. He also said that Alec would be a great addition: but Alec wasn’t too thrilled at the prospect.

20160717125238 1

"Hey bro, run down there and smash things. I'ma chill out."

Until an EDF gunship shot Dan dead right in front of his brother. Clearly upset, Alec returned to their shack only to find the EDF right there with an arrest warrant for him. Luckily the Red Faction swooped in, guns blazing, and saved the day. Whether he wanted to be or not, Alec was now a member…

The first thing I was told to do, was become acquainted with the base. A vehicle, a place to restock weapons and Samanya’s workbench, where she could turn scrap into weapons. The first thing I did, after having destroyed everything earlier to get as much scrap as possible, was buy the ability to throw more than two demolition charges. I’d have to save up for anything else, but as this was an open world with plenty of stuff to destroy, I knew I’d have plenty more coming. I was briefly introduced to Hugo Davies, but only so far to say he would be contacting me pretty often over comms.

The world is split into Parker, Dust, Badlands, Oasis, The Free Fire Zone, and Eos. Clearing each of EDF buildings, equipment and missions was going to be the key to freeing Mars. It will have slipped nobody’s notice (unless you’ve not read the diaries about the other two games…) that two of those zones are named after characters from Red Faction. Eos was the leader of the original Red Faction, and Parker was the liberator of Mars. For whatever reason, Eos was the nicer section of the planet, and Parker was where the oppressed folk lived.

20160717130729 1

I imagine ISIS has their own version of this guide

My first mission for the Red Faction was to go back to their old base -- conspicuously close to their new one -- and destroy it to remove any information the EDF might find, should they raid the place. A few explosive charges later, the EDF turned up to kill me. Once those several people were shot, blown up or smashed with a hammer, I made my escape.

The way that the buildings were deformable was great to watch, but seeing the vehicles react in a similar way was quite fantastic. Such a big improvement on the first two versions of the GeoMod Engine.

Back at the base, I grabbed an upgrade to my scrap collecting, before heading off to destroy random EDF property. The more of it I destroyed, the higher morale would be, and the more scrap I would get after missions. Unfortunately, during the demolition of one random building, a civilian ran in front of me at the wrong moment, getting a remote charge stuck to them. Without a way to remove it, I was forced to blow them up, decreasing morale slightly…

Whilst escaping from a ton of EDF, now on my trail for blowing up their stuff, I was told to get to a guerrilla action -- save some random person being held by the EDF. I decided to use my hammer, to avoid accidentally shooting the innocent person, and got them out with ease.

20160717132722 1

Ease and STYLE

The guerrilla missions weren’t necessary to complete the game, but they were an easy way to find things to destroy, and earn scrap. My next one popped up a couple of minutes later, so I set a waypoint and headed over. It was to help fend off EDF, who were attacking a Red Faction stronghold. There were only a few waves, so I was soon on my way to the next mission.

A high ranking EDF officer had sent word that he wanted to defect. I was reminded of Gryphon, an administrator for Ultor whom Parker had to get to Eos. However, Samanya had gone to meet with him on her own, and after what happened at the old base, Davies sent me after her. Alec contacted her over comms, and she assured him that everything was cool. Until she reached the end of the sentence and was suddenly under attack…

I arrived and shot some people, chucking an explosive canister at the last one and shooting it after it knocked him down. Alec had some strong arms. Samanya told me that more were coming, and I should set up a trap, which I went off to do. I set charges on a bridge to blow it up, and waited for the EDF. When they struck, the attack was short lived as explosives and bullets filled the air with martian dust.

I’ve got to say, the dust picks up a heck of a lot, and it’s a nice addition to the series. Seeing it flying around the place made me realise how empty the first two Red Factions were.

20160717133642 1

But, with the EDF routed, the mission was over and Samanya said thanks. Then I got a message saying that the next mission wouldn’t unlock until I freed the region of Parker from EDF control. It was time to get to work...

Red Faction Diaries
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