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Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part Two

Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part Two

This is my ongoing exploration of the Red Faction Universe. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old-goer, I hope to make this something you can read along with and enjoy. I am continuing Red Faction Guerilla.

With Dan Mason dead at the hands of the EDF, the Red Faction had tasked his brother Alec with freeing the planet -- the first stop ridding the Parker region of EDF troops…

What followed was a rampage of destroying property belonging to both the EDF and the citizens of Parker. I wasn’t too fussed on what I was destroying, after the practically sterile Red Faction II… I rescued two people who were being held under “house arrest”, and was joined by a group of four Red Faction members whilst I destroyed an ore processing plant.

20160806233554 1

I love the smell of smashing in the morning...

Just before the main building collapsed, I was contacted by Hugo Davis, and told that the next mission was all lined up ready for me. It was time to push into the neighbouring region, Dust -- my mission was to make sure the EDF were focussed on me, by taking out some sensors on the east side of Parker, until the Red Faction finished moving.

I was given a vehicle, a bunch of objective markers, and told to stay in the truck. I drove for the first sensor, built like a street light, and smashed into it -- the EDF descended like angry wasps. I was shot, blasted, smashed, banged and walloped as I drove like a madman around the outskirts of Parker.

20160807002121 1

12 of them, one of me, hundreds of EDF...

Over hills, around corners, and at one point I had to get out, but still my resolve never wavered. Sensor after sensor fell to my might as the truck’s health bar was chipped away slowly but surely. I had to turn around to get three that I had missed, which turned out to be the biggest mistake. By the time I was back on track, the EDF had called in tanks as scores of troops got in my way.

I smashed through the penultimate mast, but it was too much for Trucky McTruckface, and I had to bail before it blew. I legged it to the final mast just meters away and smashed it with my hammer!

20160807002550 1

You blew it up, you maniacs!

Thankfully the three EDF armoured personnel carriers that chose that moment to crush me, didn’t stop my mission from completing. Parker was liberated, and so was I. It was time to move into Dust, and clear it out to remove the EDF’s largest income source.

20160807002459 2

One down...

With three missions to choose from, I headed for the closest. I mined some ore along the way, wanting to have enough scrap to get a bunch of upgrades the next time I located Samanya. The mission was to hang out whilst some miners had a peaceful protest. However, Davies wasn’t convinced it would be peaceful, given that a Captain Gunnerson -- EDF and known sociopath -- was going to attend with his troops.

20160807003654 1

I stopped to briefly wonder why this area was called "Dust"...

Unfortunately, the protest was due to start right this very second -- good thing I didn’t choose this mission last -- so I had to get there ASAP. I jumped back in my stolen vehicle and booked it to the rally point, but unfortunately the EDF had attacked by the time I arrived. I staved off the first wave, and Davies came over the comm to tell me that Gunnerson was luring more miners by using the PA system.

I went around the quarry to destroy the four speakers which were broadcasting his message, making some bold architectural statements as I went. Davies was quick to warn me that Gunnerson was making a break for it, and I had to go after him. Luckily in my hands all vehicles are off-road vehicles, so I went up a hill, over a barricade, and cut him off, pinning his vehicle against some crates. I hopped out and chucked a remote charge onto it, blowing it up without a hitch. As I ran from his reinforcements, Davies thanked me and the mission ended.

I decided the next couple of missions could wait -- there was a smokestack next to me that needed demolishing...

Red Faction Diaries
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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