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Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part Five

Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part Five

This is my ongoing exploration of the Red Faction Universe. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old-goer, I hope to make this something you can read along with and enjoy. I am continuing Red Faction Guerilla.

Safe and sound at the Oasis safehouse, I upgraded some weapons, restocked and then headed out for the next mission…

But first, since I was in the area, I decided to do a house arrest mission. Three civilians were being held due to being suspected of supplying fake demolition permits to the Red Faction. I booked it over to the (for lack of a better term) town where they were being held, and shot the two guards. I untied one of the prisoners, who was then immediately shot by an EDF trooper, making me flashback to every single friendly NPC in the original Red Faction

I rescued the other two civilians and we fought our way out of the town, joined by a few members of the Red Faction. We got to a parked vehicle and hopped in, then drove like hell back to the local safe house. Escape is the sincerest form of flattery, I read that somewhere.

20160910161822 1

Unfortunately I didn't get points for my Air Time...

I headed for the mission marker, leaving all EDF targets alone along the way. Hugo Davis explained that we were hitting a facility, but only making it look like we were there to destroy it. Our real target was a computer, which had information the Red Faction needed. My part in the mission was to first clear the warehouse of EDF, and then to stop their reinforcements from turning up to cause hell.

I drove around the corner from the marker and showed the troops that it was hammer time -- by beating them to death -- and then ran off to fortify one of the diversion points. Roadblocks had been set up in a few places, and there were some gun emplacements in various places. So, like a well adjusted individual, I ran over with my remote charges, ready to blow the APCs to bits.

It went well, with only a couple of APCs escaping to the facility. I had destroyed the nearby bridge on my way out, so it made it a little harder for them to reach it, and gave me time to reach a rocket turret, which I promptly turned on the EDF -- and nearby EDF property. The gas tankers and signs didn’t know what hit them…

Minutes passed, and eventually the information was all downloaded, and I was sent on my way. Of course, the first thing I did was finish destroying the nearby EDF property, which resulted in me running away once more as the might of the EDF descended upon me… With the help of some guerrillas, and some off-roading action, I was safe.

20160910160252 1

Not all off-roading involves Air Time...

With no new mission yet available, I decided to wreck some more stuff, and headed for the nearest high priority target. On the way, I spotted a red building on my minimap and took a detour to destroy that, and the building it was next to. The EDF were unhappy, but once I was joined by more guerrillas I certainly was. With those out of action, I resumed my trip to the target -- a bridge. Not just any bridge, but a very big bridge, which my remote charges were pretty much useless to destroy -- the only hope was my Nano Rifle.

Unfortunately, after destroying only 3 of the 12 supports, I was out of ammo. I had used most of it during my diversion… I sought out a resupply, finding myself in a side mission moments later. I had to destroy 30 EDF vehicles, once more as a distraction. Thankfully it spawned me a tank, so I hopped in and got to work.

20160910162734 1

Oh no, a wall, whatever shall I do...

A good several minutes passed in explosive beauty before I was finished, and found myself flush with ammunition once more. I stole a vehicle (as my tank disappeared at the end of the mission) and drove back to the bridge. It took almost all of my ammo, but with careful shots it was only a matter of time before the bridge crumbled.

20160910163357 1

Good work, team! By which I mean me...

This, of course, set the EDF off once more, and so I hopped back in my vehicle and legged it. With still no mission available, I headed for another target, once more getting distracted along the way. I found myself amongst some landing pads, although curiously they were not the targets. The flight control tower, however, was. It only took a scattering of remote charges and one hammer blow to collapse the three story building.

I had been able to keep on top of the EDF troops as I was exploring, so felt confident enough to head straight for the high profile target with them on my heels. It was a convoy centre which, happily, had a tank with nobody driving it. I jumped right in and started blasting and smashing through buildings. Unfortunately after a few minutes of constantly taking fire from troops and APCs, the tank succumbed to its wounds and exploded. Taking me with it…

With the Red Faction moral taking a dip, my moves from the safe house would have to be decisive. Perhaps that race nearby...

Red Faction Diaries
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Andrew Duncan


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