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Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part Nine

Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part Nine

This is my ongoing exploration of the Red Faction Universe. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old-goer, I hope to make this something you can read along with and enjoy. I am continuing Red Faction Guerilla.

Having taken a bit of a break to complete some side missions and destroy some buildings, it was finally time to move on to the next mission: to free Eos…

It had been a hard slog, but Hugo Davis told me that it was time to push the EDF out of the final sector of Mars. I just had to go pick up my team -- halfway across the planet. With a sigh I started the drive, overhearing various snippets of comm traffic as other teams got into position.

Once I arrived and picked up my team, Davis told me to meet the others in the Badlands. I had already driven across half the habitable area of the planet, and from where I was in Dust I still had another half of the planet to drive before I reached the Badlands safehouse. Resolved to be driving for another 10 minutes, we headed out.

20161023110640 1

I started in Eos - the top left section...

Not a minute later, someone declares that the mission is aborted. The safehouse was under attack -- the EDF had found it and mounted a strike force. I thought this meant that I would have to head for another safehouse, but nope… we were now on a strict time limit.

I drove like a madman, following the GPS directions with a grain of salt. If the road curved, but a little offroading meant I stayed in a straight line, I went for the bumpy ride. We arrived with about a minute to spare, squishing an EDF soldier for good measure as we arrived.

I jumped out with Mason and Samanya speaking over comms, the former telling her to stick tight as we were on our way. My team and I took out half a dozen EDF troops before finding Sam holed up at the main buildings. She told me that Davis was dead, but we didn’t have time to discuss the fact, as more EDF were moving on our position.

Luckily the three people of my team were still alive, and helped to defend the area. I was running low on ammo, so ran to the nearby weapons crate to restock. Almost as soon as I turned around to return to the others, the mission ended.

20161023111338 1

In all, it went as well as you'd expect...

With the leader of the Red Faction dead, Sam decided that now would be a good time to get in league with the Marauders. Mason was understandably surprised and disagreed, only for Sam to reveal that she was, in fact, a Marauder herself. And to pass through the Irradiated Zone deep inside the Badlands, she would need scrap to build some kind of shielding.

When I got control back, I was left stranded in the wreckage of a safehouse, with no nearby vehicles. So I took the lazy route and fast travelled to another safehouse. Luckily I had plenty of scrap already, so handed it over for the radiation shielding. Unfortunately it was yet another long drive to the next mission -- which was through the Irradiated Zone…

Annoyingly, when I eventually arrived, the Marauders began attacking me. Luckily I had my jetpack, and got up to the mission point. Sam introduced Mason to her sister Vasha -- apparently the leader of the Marauders. Sam had come up with the plan of attaching the Nano Forge to the mass accelerator which was hidden in the Badlands, to take out the EDF’s Hydra which was still currently in orbit.

20161023113347 1

Vasha obviously got her good looks from her father's side...

Vasha agreed, but only since it would result in the Marauders regaining their rightful control of Mars. With them working on getting the thing activated, I headed for the next mission. Annoyingly, since Sam left me alone after the cutscene, finding out that I had to go and pick up Sam at the start of the mission put a damper on my spirits.

20161027194503 1

Yes, I also fell off of a cliff and messed up my ride...

We went to the EDF’s broadcasting centre -- of which there were very few guards -- and Sam inserted a recording she created, to help remind the populace that the Red Faction were still around. And they had enlisted the aid of the Marauders.

While it played, I had to fend off the occasional EDF soldier who were running over to shoot bullets and plant bombs to blow up the building. After six or seven were killed through various nanomachines and razor-sharp propelled discs, one managed to slip past me and blow up half of the building. The rest of the mission passed pretty well, though it was a little touch-and-go whether the building would stay upright.

Once the recording finished, we hightailed it out of there. Our options were -- the route where the EDF were quickly approaching from, or the small route which didn’t seem big enough for the big vehicle we had. So I took the third option, over a waist-high wall and into a crevice.

Eventually reaching the road, we had to abandon the truck as it couldn’t get up the slope. Instead we stole the closest EDF APC and gunned it for the safehouse. Apart from a brief run-in with a VTOL, which Sam took potshots at, we arrived in good time.

20161027195341 1

Moments later, I crashed and Sam flew out - it was hilarious

Hopefully there was another mission available, as I wanted to keep the momentum going…

Red Faction Diaries
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Andrew Duncan


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