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Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part Ten

Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part Ten

This is my ongoing exploration of the Red Faction Universe. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old-goer, I hope to make this something you can read along with and enjoy. I am continuing Red Faction Guerilla.

With the Red Faction barely holding together, the Marauders had been brought in to shore up the ranks - the fight for Mars was heating up…

I ran over to the next mission, which the Marauders were going to help with. It seemed that warming up the mass accelerator wasn’t the only aid they were supplying.

Samanya told me where I had to go, as the Marauders were stealing an RM-8 rocket from the EDF. The plan was to ultimately load the thing up with nanites from the Nano Forge and fire it into space to disintegrate the EDF’s Hydra spaceship. However, I wasn’t going to help with the theft, I was instead going to help their escape. Having earlier taken control of the Free Fire Zone, the Red Faction was now in command of the artillery batteries.

20161029122458 1

One little missile to end a huge spaceship

My mission was to get into the comm center, clear out the EDF, and then tell the missiles where to strike in order to help the Marauder's escape. There were only a handful of EDF, so taking it over was the easy part -- the hard part was using the satellite view to make sure the truck didn’t take too much damage, as tons of EDF went after them.

Although, having typed that I now can’t think of one difficult part. For a late stage mission, that one was pretty easy. I moved straight onto the next one: a frontal assault on the EDF central command.

20161029123819 2

For some reason I took multiple shots of mission screens, few of mission gameplay...

I had to take a vehicle which Sam had fitted with an ‘Identification Friend or Foe’ device, to let me slip past the force fields which they had in place. With no guards stationed outside the field, it was easy to get into a sniping position and let off a few Nano Forge rounds. With the power plant blown, Marauders began streaming in to help me out.

Sam marked some target buildings on my map, and I started making my way through them. At one point I came across a mech suit, quite unlike the heavy and light construction suits I had used before -- this one had rockets. I had plenty of fun taking down buildings in a hail of rocket fire, but I became impatient at how slowly it moved.

20161029124420 1

All mech suits are beautiful where it counts - the entire thing

I abandoned the suit and took down the last few buildings, but didn’t find General Roth, the EDF’s lead guy on Mars. Instead, I had to head to Mount Vogel for the next mission -- a frozen wasteland compared to the rocky wasteland of the rest of the planet.

It turned out that the mass accelerator which the Marauders were preparing was, in fact, built up through the mountain. There were two stages for Alex Mason to complete; fend off the EDF using the artillery, then support the Marauders at the summit.

20161029125734 1

One of the IFF fields I mentioned earlier

As there were a constant stream of EDF vehicles -- coming from where I have no idea -- the first part was more difficult than simply following along behind or in front of a truck bearing a missile. I was allowed six to get through, I managed to only let three, so it was pretty successful.

I then had to jump into a modified tank -- henceforth called The Missile Tank due to the amount of rocket ammunition it had -- and headed up the mountain trail. The EDF managed to wipe out the Marauders before I was even halfway there, as if I needed more proof that anyone in a Red Faction game that worked with me would die.

The Missile Tank waded through dozens of trucks, APCs and troops, the sheer depth of explosions often blinding me to what lay ahead. Unfortunately, the inevitable happened thanks to numerous rocket blasts and bullet strikes -- The Missile Tank stopped in its tracks.

I leaped out and ran for it, the Nano Forge rifle blasting the way ahead of me -- this definitely wasn’t the time for remote explosives or razor-sharp discs. It got dicey, but I eventually managed to get high enough to jetpack up to the summit where General Roth was waiting for me in a tank.

I nearly emptied my Nano Forge into the tank, and just as I was switching to explosives the tank disintegrated, presumably taking Roth with it. Since murdering the Marauders, the EDF had closed off the end of the mass accelerator, so I got the Nano Forge back out and got rid of it.

The mass accelerator fired just as Admiral Kobel was ordering the obliteration of everyone still alive on Mars. It reached orbit and smashed into the Hydra, taking it apart in seconds. The rebellion was over, and if the EDF returned, Mars would be ready for them…

20161029131110 1

Rebellion is the only thing that keeps you alive! - Marianne Faithfull

Red Faction Diaries
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