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Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part Three

Red Faction Guerrilla Diaries Part Three

This is my ongoing exploration of the Red Faction Universe. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old-goer, I hope to make this something you can read along with and enjoy. I am continuing Red Faction Guerilla.

With Parker liberated from EDF control, and the Red Faction having successfully moved into Dust, I had decided to take a short break from missions to destroy some stuff…

After some wanton destruction, I stumbled upon another house arrest mission: save two people from the EDF. Whilst on my way, I got distracted and wound up in a massive firefight against the EDF whilst I took down a few wind turbines. At one point I drove an APC through a building, and given its mass I managed to get quite a way through this big building before I abandoned the vehicle and ran off. It turned out that I was one wall away from the two miners that I had to rescue!

20160807140319 1

This was on the way, before I got distracted...

I grabbed them and fought off the remaining EDF, before grabbing another APC and booking for the Red Faction base in Dust. The only trouble I almost had was a roadblock which had them blasting me with some kind of high powered energy weapon, but we got there intact.

I went around destroying more things, heading for the closest mission. I was interrupted by a convoy headed for Parker, which I had to stop. The mission marker had me heading right for the convoy, but the map showed the route. I knew that I didn’t have the ammo to take on a bunch of EDF vehicles, so I raced down the route to find a good choke point.

I found one at a handy EDF checkpoint, so took out the troops quickly before tossing my remaining remote charges onto the ground, spread out in a line. I climbed onto one of the buildings and waited a few seconds whilst the convoy got into position -- when it did (and the lead vehicle was shooting at me), I blew the charges, destroying three of the five vehicles.

I had gotten a rocket launcher whilst I was at the base, so whipped that out and blew up the last truck, leaving me with one unoccupied vehicle to destroy. Astonishingly the building I was stood on had been hit by a couple of vehicles and some explosions, but it was still sturdy enough to support me, but I hopped down and went over to the vehicle, shot it with my rifle, and the side mission was over.

I then headed for the main mission. With the Red Faction seeking to create a base of operations in the Badlands, they had sent some supplies through. However, the weapons had been stolen by Marauders -- think Mad Max villains with gas masks -- and so I had to get them back. I followed a Marauder vehicle in a standard ‘don’t get too close, or too far’ mission, until it disappeared through a glowing rock wall.

20160807143728 1

Totally inconspicuous, guys!

Davies told me to follow them, so I did. I was in a rocky area with no sign of Marauders, so I explored, eventually finding the vehicle I was following. It was now abandoned, so I got out and proceeded on foot into the next area. It was a derelict building, and both Mason and Davies thought it might be a trap. As I ascended through the building, I heard static -- then a familiar voice.

It was Capek, the mad scientist who was working for Ultor 50 years ago. What he was saying were recordings, as he was speaking to Parker, and saying the exact same things he said in Red Faction, as I followed him through caverns beneath Ultor’s mining operation. Weird that he would record his taunting, much less have a way to play it back…

20160807145057 1

Honestly, not too familiar with this place from my playthrough...

Mason noted that whomever was speaking seemed to be talking to a person named Parker, rather than talking about the region of Mars. Davies was surprised, as Parker had been dead for a while. I found something glowing in some kind of cradle, or holder, and took it, reporting the find to Davies who said I should get it to Samanya to take a look. Davies then reported that EDF were moving on my position, and I had to get out of there.

As I was boxed in, I had to go back the way I had come, heading for the abandoned Marauder vehicle. Several squads of EDF lay between myself and sanctuary, so I had to mow them down as I went. Just before I reached the exit of the canyon, Mason spoke to Samanya, and she told him where to meet her.

As I spotted the Marauder vehicle, I couldn’t help but notice the half dozen EDF and half dozen Marauders trying to kill one another -- and they both also wanted to kill me. I hopped into the vehicle and raced for Samanya, being pursued by a couple of EDF vehicles. It was a little fraught, but I reached safety and handed over the device, finishing the mission.

20160807150007 1

"Nobody will guess we're Marauders, guys!" - Marauder chief mechanic

A cutscene took over, with General Roth explaining that Alec Mason had recovered the Nano Forge from the old Ultor complex, and he was mounting a counterattack. The man he was explaining it to, Admiral Kobel, told him to not bother, and that the Hydra was en route, and Roth should just make sure they had drop zone coordinates. Definitely not a good thing...

Red Faction Diaries
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Andrew Duncan


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