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My Disney Dreamlight Valley Character Wishlist

My Disney Dreamlight Valley Character Wishlist

Despite reaching past 300 hours on Disney Dreamlight Valley as a person who gets bored almost always at the 30-hour mark, I'm still very much looking forward to it and utterly invested in every new update. That being said, no matter how much I love the game and (most of) its current characters, I am still counting down the days for some of my favourites to come join me in my town! Here are the characters I’m most excited to see from Disney and Pixar, starting with…

#10 — Baloo


I'm going to admit that I've been using Dreamlight Valley as an excuse to revisit the Pixar and Disney movies so I am better “acquainted” with the new characters! This has been a fantastic tradition I started with my wife, as I've thoroughly enjoyed some of them (although definitely not all; looking at you, Toy Story). One of the movies I've not seen since I was a tiny kid is none other than The Jungle Book, and I remember very clearly loving Baloo. What better reason to bring him into the game?!

#9 — Quasimodo


This charming Disney prince is one of my favourites! The movie's plot was unique, the animation was fantastic, and the cast of characters memorable: from the prince and princess to the gargoyle side characters! I feel like Quasi will make a phenomenal addition to the characters currently available and also give way to cool quests.

#8 — Pluto


To be honest, I am crazy excited to see Pluto make his way to Dreamlight Valley! He's always been one of my favourite "Mickey friends" characters, and it's no surprise with his bright yellow fur and bubbly personality! Had it not been for WALL•E, I might've worried they wouldn't be able to make a non-verbal character fun to hang out with, but Gameloft has done a great job at making his quests no less fun than others!

#7 — Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket

Ah, Jiminy... one of my favourite characters across ages and media: from kid to adult, and from movie to the TV show Once Upon a Time. His kind, honest, and responsible personality always brought me a sense of safety, and I can't think of anyone more fitting to be the adult when Merlin is too busy throwing a tantrum! We desperately need him over at the Valley, what with the number of villains running amok thinking they own the place. And truth be told, his quests will probably be insightful and full of bonding!

#6 — Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh

Although as a kid I didn't get too much into the show (especially because I had a pretty aggressive dislike for some of the characters *cough* Rabbit), I found a deep love for it later on when I got obsessed with Kingdom Hearts. The music, the storybook style, and Pooh's adorable fat bear demeanour really won me over as a teen, and I cannot fathom how adorable he'll look in Dreamlight Valley! Who doesn't want to go honey-hunting with him?

#5 — Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck it Ralph

There have been many movies that I didn't quite care for as a kid or teen; I was very picky and oftentimes found myself vexed by something or other about the main characters. Now that I've been watching them as a proper adult, I've realised how many great characters and movies I've missed out on loving for years! Ralph is one of those fantastic movies. He's cute, funny, caring, and a unique character, and although I love Vanelope and am looking forward to unlocking her, I cannot wait to spend time with him, too!

#4 — Hades


One of the few movies I've revisited as an adult has been Hercules, and although there are many memorable characters in it (namely Pain and Panic), the one who took the spotlight for me was Hades; I thought he was brilliant and hilarious! Was it not for the many moments Dreamlight Valley has made me giggle from the snarky comments in the dialogue options and Mother Gothel's comebacks (unfortunately, too, because I hate her), I'd worry they couldn't "pull off" a proper Hades... but I think they'll be more than fine!

#3 — James P. Sullivan


I know I said I watch movies as the characters arrive, but there was something about the constant Monsters Inc. teasing via motifs that cracked at my willpower and made me watch it early. Boy, am I glad I did! Sulley is a fantastic, layered character, and it's no longer surprising that I even had a shirt with his face on it as a teen! He has character growth, humour, and is a big, caring papa bear? Heck yeah, bring him in! Bring us all the cast of Monsters Inc... actually, maybe skip Randall.

#2 — Timon & Pumbaa

Timon and Pumbaa

Hakuna Matata!

Look, look; I get it... I KNOW I'M CHEATING! I tried to choose just one, but... I can't! These two have remained one of my favourite buddy duos for decades, and although I haven't rewatched the Lion King movies since I was a kid, I know enough about them and their phenomenal life philosophy. I don't think I exaggerate when I say most people watched and rewatched the movies for them and not the whole lion family drama! 

#1 — Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington

As much as my stomach and heart flutter at the idea of some of these characters (namely Timon, Pumba, and Pluto), Jack Skellington will never be dethroned as my number one favourite. Heck, I've not stopped thinking about him since I realised he could be part of the game! There are no words to properly describe how much I've loved the movie and how great of a character Jack is; I know I've said some characters are layered already, but come on... he's a Halloween king who just wants to bring candies, presents, and lights to everyone! You can't beat that; you just can't. If it wasn't because asking for a whole update with him and a new area included was a lot to hope for, I sure would! I can never get enough of A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Bonus — Sora


I know the possibilities are slimmer than slim that he’ll make it to the Valley, but I just can’t not at least add him as a bonus. Kingdom Hearts truly marked my childhood in ways I cannot describe, giving me something to look forward to during tough times and tons of emotional moments about the meaning of friendship and the never-ending battle of light vs darkness. If he could join and reunite with Goofy and Donald once more… well, it’d make my childhood dreams come true! 

That's it for my top 10 characters for Disney Dreamlight Valley! The game has really surpassed my expectations in most areas, and my fingers are cramped from keeping them crossed that Gameloft does good by the community! I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to drop a comment with who you're looking forward to!

Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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sekin18842 - 10:36pm, 7th July 2023

Intresting article, thanks

Spooky_0ne - 10:55pm, 8th July 2023 Author

I'm super glad you enjoyed it!! Thank you so much for leaving the comment