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7 Things You Can Do in Cult of the Lamb

7 Things You Can Do in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is surprisingly varied in its gameplay. I had never experienced a game quite like it — the uniqueness doesn't stop at the strange mix of cute and gorey. Although the trailer and showcases have been great, they definitely don't capture all the game's essence, so I'd like to explain better what you can expect to do in the game.

1 — Fight

Cult of the Lamb Screenshot 1

Obviously one of the aspects of Cult of the Lamb is combat, and it's incredibly well-polished to make the experience smooth, fun, and varied. Lamb has to go on crusades and kill the four heretics that have her boss imprisoned, but it plays like a fast-paced roguelike because you'll get randomised weapons, buffs, and curses each time, along with the map layout offering different events. You might get a lot of food in one of the runs and then get a follower and resources on the next; you'll never have the same experience twice. 

What's so great about the way they've set all of this up is that everything was made with love and attention. Each world has its own music, aesthetic, resources, interactions with NPCs, and enemy types. Additionally, you collect tarot cards throughout the playthrough that can help you out with buffs, such as dealing 20% more damage when it's daytime or having a 10% chance of getting a heart after slaying an enemy.

2 — Fish

Cult of the Lamb Screenshot 2

I never expected to be a cult leader that sacrificed one of their spouses and then went fishing for the rest of the followers in a game, and that's one of the many charming aspects of Cult of the Lamb. But don't worry, you don't have to fish unless you want to (outside of the few times it's mandatory). Additionally, fishing is quite relaxing and fun, and it'll yield many types of catches that you can use to create dishes for your cult. I spent quite a bit of my time at the bay just catching specific ones to make my followers the more yummy dishes.

3 — Farm

Cult of the Lamb Screenshot 3 1

Another thing that surprised me about Cult of the Lamb was that I was able to make a little farming area in my base with different types of crops, completed with scarecrows. Although, just like fishing, you don't have to farm yourself if you don't want to, but it definitely speeds things up as the cultists will be a bit slow about it. Besides, there's something unique about going out on a crusade and bringing your bloodthirsty following a new crop to enjoy!

4 — Interact with your cult

Cult of the Lamb Screenshot 4 1

When I first played Cult of the Lamb, I expected the cult to be an afterthought, as most games do when you have any sort of following. However, there is quite a bit of interaction you can have with them, such as marrying them, imprisoning them, and even smooching your spouses. That being said, although you cannot have full conversations with them, the things you can do really make you feel like a part of a community. I loved the way we would all begin hammering away at any new building I made for them or watching them interact with the items around. My favourite aspect was the missions, as they felt unique and exciting, fitting to the style of the game. 

5 — Decorate

Cult of the Lamb Screenshot 4

I didn't expect to have as much fun decorating as I did because, just like with followers, this tends to be an afterthought in games. In Cult of the Lamb though, you have to collect the decoration items by going on crusades or buying them, adding a sort of fun progression to it. Additionally, there were times when the cultists themselves asked me to improve the camp, giving me an incentive to make the area better. Although the decoration could use a bit of a rehaul with the way it's placed, it was definitely not enough of a hindrance to stop me from enjoying it as much as I did.

6 — Gambling

Cult of the Lamb Screenshot 6

You can't have a game full of sacrifice and cults without some gambling! Jokes aside, although you don't have to bet any money, you can go to BBB's house and play a dice game with him. It was surprisingly fun to do so, and I did go a couple of times just to play a few runs. Additionally, you'll find some of his friends scattered throughout the worlds you crusade that go to his house to play some rounds too. 

7 — Customise your experience

Cult of the Lamb Screenshot 7

Cult of the Lamb's customisation goes beyond decorating your base and changing the way your followers look. Depending on the doctrines you choose for your cult, they'll gain different traits, and the skill tree makes it so that you can tailor the way combat works. Additionally, outside of the role play aspect, you can choose whether you want to use your following as mere fodder or go out of your way to provide a good life for them.

It's hard not to fall deeper in love with Cult of the Lamb while writing these types of articles as it makes it that much more obvious how much love went into the title. Let me know what you think about the game and if you're going to be buying it in the comments below! Cult of the Lamb

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