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Top 5 Worlds I Want in Kingdom Hearts III

Top 5 Worlds I Want in Kingdom Hearts III

During E3 we saw yet another teaser for Kingdom Hearts III, revealing that we’ll see Hades once more. Oh, and Hercules I suppose. But it got me thinking about the Disney worlds we could see that we haven’t seen in a trailer, so here are my top five; two that have been announced, three that may just be pipe dreams.

Kingdom of Corona


I’ll be completely honest, my son was almost named Flynn Ryder after one of the main characters from Tangled -- which is where this world is based. Absolutely my favourite Disney movie, taking the crown from The Emperor's New Groove based on the the humour alone. Okay, and the spontaneous musical number which Flynn questions. And come on, Mother Gothel was a fantastic villain, and a witch to boot. Well, Disney does have a type they tend to villainize...

Kingdom of the Sun

new groove

This was the original project title for The Emperor's New Groove, so it would be a fitting name for the world in Kingdom Hearts III. Imagine it; Yzma and Kronk as the villains would be perfect, ending with a boss battle against Yzma where changes her form to different animals! Or you have to hit vials at her to change and disorient her. Then you’d get to call on Kuzco for the rest of the game, or at least a summon involving Tom Jones.

San Fransokyo

big hero 6

Although it’s been announced, Square Enix haven’t mentioned what the name of Big Hero 6’s world will be. But come on, is it going to be called anything BUT San Fransokyo? Super science is a bit of an unknown quantity in Kingdom Hearts, but it’s going to be great seeing a Marvel property in the game, now that it’s owned by Disney.

New York City


Speaking of Marvel - superheroes like Spider-Man and the Avengers have got to be making an appearance. And where else would they appear, but New York? The challenge will be choosing which characters to represent. I’d guess the current team of Champions: Spider-Man, Ms Marvel, Nova, Hulk and Cyclops. It’s a good cross-section of the Marvel Universe, and they’ll just set them up against Doctor Doom because of magic. Continuity doesn’t matter to Kingdom Hearts.

Litwak's Family Fun Center & Arcade


The store which houses the arcade machines in Wreck-It Ralph would be a great, if kinda difficult, world to make. Sora, Donald and Goofy would go into each arcade machine chasing after Wreck-It Ralph, and teaming up with Fix-It Felix Jr, and you’d get to fight all kinds of technicolour Heartless. Ralph would fit right in with the themes of Kingdom Hearts, as nobody likes him to start with.

Please don’t send us to: Traverse Town

I swear, if Kingdom Hearts III sends us to Traverse Town again, I’m going to scream. It’s appeared in seven of the nine games (not counting collections) released so far, and I’m sick of it. It’s literally appeared in more games of this series than Minnie Mouse. Stop it, Square Enix. Stop it.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


Guaranteed to know more about Transformers and Deadpool than any other staff member.

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