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10 Beginner-friendly Things to Do in VR!

10 Beginner-friendly Things to Do in VR!

Thanks to my wife, I have had upgrades to my gaming set-up for years that I wouldn't have without her; I always thought super ultrawide monitors were an overkill, and I was very wrong. The most recent one was her obsession with VR! So we got one last year... for her, of course! Except it became mine because I fell head over heels with it, and now we have two! If you're also ready to jump into virtual reality, then I have some great beginner-friendly games you can look into, especially if you're scared of nausea! Starting with...

#10 — Beat Saber

beatt saber

  • Developer: Beat Games
  • Publisher: Beat Games
  • Genre: Music
  • Co-op: Yes

My wife put it very nicely when she said Beat Saber is nearly synonymous with VR gaming from how well-known and beloved this title is! But just in case you've never heard of it — or you have but aren't too sure it'll be fun — I'm here to tell you that this rhythm-based game that has you slicing through incoming blocks is some of the most fun you can have in VR, especially if you want a good workout. As a fan of Just Dance, I was very sceptical of it at first, particularly because most games of the genre don't have great original songs, but this is far from the case! With a phenomenal soundtrack, incredible DLC options, and one of the most beginner-accessible gameplays, it's no surprise it's one of the — if not THE — biggest VR games yet. 

#9 — Ragnarock


  • Developer: WanadevStudio
  • Publisher: WanadevStudio
  • Genre: Music
  • Co-op: Yes

I'm not going to lie to you — I'm not a huge fan of Ragnarock, though I haven't gotten to play it for too long. The reason is that, in comparison to Beat Saber, it doesn't feel as good, but considering it's Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam with 2,429 reviews at the time of writing, I still think it's worth a shot if you like the idea of drums-based rhythm games! That being said, it feels good, the songs I got to play are decent, and it still is a fantastic beginner-friendly title!

#8 — All-In-One Sports VR


  • Developer: Appnori Inc.
  • Publisher: Appnori Inc.
  • Genre: Sports
  • Co-op: Yes

Out of all the co-op games my wife and I bought, this was one of the ones that I was most excited about because it reminded me so much of the Wii era. Thankfully, I wasn't wrong at all — we haven't missed a single day of playing it since we got the second VR headset, and it's some of the most fun I've had in a while! The sports options are varied — table tennis, tennis, basketball, bowling... you name it! — and the game responds incredibly well, so it's no surprise it has been one of our favourite titles yet. Although this one does have a bit more movement than the previous two, the variety of sports makes for a good stepping stone!

#7 — Cosmonious High


  • Developer: Owlchemy Labs
  • Publisher: Owlchemy Labs
  • Genre: Adventure, Sci-fi
  • Co-op: No
  • Read our review!

When we first got the VR, I was very terrified of playing basically anything on it because I get very anxious when I feel nauseous. This is how my wife introduced me to one of the most colourful, fun, and lighthearted titles I've had the pleasure of experiencing yet — Cosmonious High! In it, you'll go to an alien high school that gets wrecked, and it'll be your job to help the students and teachers fix it up. The classes are incredibly fun and interactive, and the gameplay and controls are some of the most beginner-friendly I've encountered! It's no surprise, as Owlchemy Labs already has a few well-polished VR titles on the market!

#6 — Garden of the Sea


  • Developer: Neat Corporation
  • Publisher: Neat Corporation
  • Genre: Life/farming Sim, Casual
  • Co-op: No 

If you're looking for something less hectic and energised, then Garden of the Sea is a phenomenal option. In it, you'll just spend your time decorating your house, foraging and scavenging for materials, and even pampering some of the most adorable alien farm animals I've ever seen! Farming sims in VR work very well, especially for a beginner who is nervous about too much movement.

#5 — Job Simulator/Vacation Simulator


  • Developer: Owlchemy Labs
  • Publisher: Owlchemy Labs
  • Genre: Casual
  • Co-op: No

Yet two more titles by Owlchemy Labs that really show off their virtual reality expertise: Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator are both great options if you want to spend some time goofing off in VR. I bundled them up because they play very similarly, as you're mostly standing on the spot while exploring everything in front of you! There's barely any movement, but there's a lot to do — from cooking to creating sandcastles! These two are especially a good idea at the beginning of your virtual reality journey, as they help build skills around grabbing items and interacting inside the headset.

#4 — Pixel Ripped 1989


  • Developer: ARVORE Immersive Games Inc.
  • Publisher: ARVORE Immersive Experiences
  • Genre: Casual
  • Co-op: No

I got Pixel Ripped 1989 from a Fanatical bundle during the early days of my VR experience. Although it wasn't what I was looking for back then, I did get to play it enough to have an idea of what it's all about! Unlike the previous titles, where you're in a world or a level where you have to crouch and grab and move and throw, Pixel Ripped has you still in a seated position. You play as a kid who is in class and isn't paying attention, as they're currently messing around with their handheld console... but it's for good reasons, you see, they're trying to save the world! There's a lot of fun to be had when playing a videogame inside a videogame, and sitting is a fantastic way for beginners to get accustomed to their VR.

#3 — VR Furballs - Demolition


  • Developer: Gamily Studios
  • Publisher: Gamily Studios
  • Genre: Puzzle, Physics
  • Co-op: No

VR Furballs was also one of the very first titles I got, as I was immediately allured by the idea of a Angry-Birds-like title in virtual reality! This adorable family-made game is still one of the ones I most enjoyed, especially during the days I was so scared of getting sick. In it, all you have to do is grab the furballs and fling them using various tools in order to pass levels. It's so accessible that children and elderly can also try it out, as you can even sit down.

#2 — Bigscreen Beta


  • Developer: Bigscreen, Inc.
  • Publisher: Bigscreen, Inc.
  • Genre: Software
  • Co-op: Yes

Bigscreen isn't a game per se, but it's definitely a VR experience that is worth trying! In this app, all you do is watch stuff — everything from YouTube videos to actual movies — and you can either do so alone, host a room with friends, or go room-hopping to find others! There are several environment options, and it looks really good! Oh, and did I mention it's free?

#1 — Explore Rooms


This last one isn't really a game or an app at all — it's just SteamVR's option to explore different rooms and settings that other users have created! This has consistently been one of my favourite things to do, even now that I'm not as much of a newcomer to VR, because it's such an interesting and immersive experience. Whether you do it alone or with a friend, exploring worlds you might know from games in virtual reality really helps you lose the fear of nausea! 

That's it for my top 10 recommendations! Although I have more, I think I'll leave it at that for now, but don't worry — I don't plan to stop exploring VR; every time I find enough games or apps, I'll be back with more suggestions! Feel free to leave your own in the comments below, and good luck, have fun!

Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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