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Ten Best GrinCast Titles of 2020

Ten Best GrinCast Titles of 2020

With 2020 coming to an end it’s time to look back over the year and compile numerous ‘the best of’ lists. With that in mind, it’s time to reflect on a year's worth of GrinCast episodes and list some of the best.

However, in the spirit of the GrinCast and its frankly chaotic nature it would be too straightforward to just list 10 of the best episodes without some odd criteria. That’s why the following list is not the best 10 episodes overall but the 10 best episode titles! Now, each episode title is actually an out of context quote from said episode, with a few exceptions for special episodes of course, making the titles just that much better.

Now then, with that out of the way please enjoy the 10 best GrinCast episode titles of 2020 in release order!

Episode 236: It Gets Worse Every Week

Who would've thought that an out of context quote from an early February episode would have foreshadowed the whole of 2020. The gang discussed many news pieces in this episode along with the main topic “what are Blizzard going to screw up next?”.

Episode 245: Actually Played Games This Week

Believe it or not, the GrinCast is a gaming podcast and, sometimes, we actually play games and better yet, talk about them! This episode from early April saw the gang talk about all the conferences going digital for the year ahead and asked the question, “Is E3 dead?”.

Episode 248: That’s Not Gonna Solve Anyone's Problems

Back in late April the gang were joined by Wafer, who came onto the podcast to discuss modding old SEGA games. There was also some discussion around the main topic of “what are your gaming turn-offs?”. This was also the episode where Nikki mentioned liking angels with guns, because why wouldn’t she.

Episode 259: I Feel Average Playing It

A mid-July episode saw the gang come together to discuss the Devolver Digital Direct and the Ubisoft Forward Event, with some pretty heated opinions. This was also the episode where Rhodes expressed his dissatisfaction with Days Gone, and the team discussed open-world games as a whole.

Episode 261: Persona 3 is Linkin Park

Late July saw the GrinCast briefly become the BugSnax podcast as the team continued to obsess over the game. Veldt even mentioned that he might be able to get one of the developers on the podcast - which didn’t happen - and at some point, a discussion about Shin Megami Tensei games came up.

Episode 265: The Peppa Pig Special

Back in August, Ace’s internet broke and as Nikki continued to steer the GrinCast over the edge of a waterfall a rather special episode came about. While the main topic was a difference about the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, more time than should have been was spent discussing Peppa Pig. Fun fact, due to a spelling mistake this episode went live as the ‘Pegga Pig Special’.

Episode 266: Whales in a Pie Factory

The post-gamescom episode saw the gang discuss all the news from the show while also making outdated internet references. No seriously, the episode title is a reference to a very old YouTuber video which if you know from memory you have won the internet today. Don’t get the reference? Then listen to the episode!

Episode 268: Sony Hate Anime Tiddies

It’s true, they do. You know who doesn’t hate anime tiddies though? The GrinCast! Surely you all know this by now? Outside of talking about anime tiddies this mid-September episode was the return of Ace after his internet was finally fixed, only for Rhodes to have his internet break in return. There can only be one...

Episode 270: Lesbian Road Trip

Remember Farmville? Well, this late September episode saw the gang discussing, and being confused by, that fact Farmville was still a thing. Alongside the main topic of “can a franchise outlive its protagonist?” This was also the episode where Nikki finally found out how much money she had spent on Azur Lane to date.

Episode 278: Why Are Their Teeth Furries?

The most recent episode on this list - at the time of writing - was also one of the most packed. With a full gang, plenty of news, and yet somehow we went off topic and discussed, furries? It’s not a GrinCast episode if we don’t go off topic now is it?

There you have it, the 10 best GrinCast episode titles from 2020. With the new console generation in full swing and more members on the GrinCast team than ever before, 2021 should be another good year for out of context episode titles!

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