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A Top Five of Destiny's Waifus

A Top Five of Destiny's Waifus

Everyone loves new things, who doesn’t? But we should never forget the waifus who helped make the Destiny 2 waifus (link) who they are. Even if technically some of them pre-date these ones. And yes, technically this a cop out but really with how forgotten these girls are, we need some appreciation. So get your anone anone hats and flags ready for A Top Five of Destiny’s Waifus.


Genki Otaku

Lively and a nerd, Skorri is an Iron Lord who you’ve probably heard and felt her presence: a Warlock who’s stood the test of time. Her songs continue to this day. And whilst the temple became besieged in the Red War, her voice has echoed to many Guardians that have stepped foot into the Iron Temple. Skorri was smart, she played her cards right, and when everyone was down her voice cheered everyone up (at least that’s what people have said). Her grimoire card doesn’t exactly play to that. Hence the Otaku too, such a recluse she’d just focus on her songs and limericks - much to other’s annoyance. But hey, her artifact is damn powerful for casual group play so I can’t complain for that increased super charge rate, and that’s a selling point in my book.


The Tsundere

Another Iron Lord to boot, and one who people probably remember as the one that died, came back, tried to kill us, and died again. Cold at first, but warm at heart. But really, we have to look back before she tried to stab us with her giant SIVA powered lance arms. Back when she didn’t feel doki doki shiteru upon seeing for the first time, she was the type to charge head first. Plus she’s a bit of a tomboy, I mean who else in the Destiny universe would put on battle paint, wield a giant battle axe, and still care how they looked in battle with their comrades? For that, she earns the Tsundere title. Although I don’t know if she’d cook you a meal when you returned home, she’d probably make a better husbando at times with how active she is.

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Something to get the heart racing eh?

Amanda Holliday

The Big Sister

A non-Iron Lord, and a human at that? Crazy, I know but people like that exist in Destiny’s space magic world. Holliday, as she’s often referred to as, is the big sister of the vanguard support group. She’s there when you’re in need of a fix, be it your sparrow, ship, or even spirits. She can hold her drink, and if you’re concerned she can’t win a fight she’ll prove you wrong. Okay, maybe the Chaperone wasn’t the best exotic. But it was the only slug shotgun at the time, and if you were skilled with it, you could easily kill other shotgunner’s at longer ranges. PvE it kinda sucked, but that’s because autoshotguns were the go to. But the history of the weapon is one that’s deeply connected to Holliday, and that alone is worthy of Skorri’s praise. Plus she kinda gave us SRL, so no other gift can really top that alone.


Best Girl

Presumed dead, and again presumed dead briefly in the Red War, Efrideet is a lone surviving Iron Lord who was the only other one to escape SIVA’s chamber. Alive and well, she’s known for her sniping skills. Providing her watchful gaze, she protected her comrades and those in need. Powerless, scared, her watch kept people safe from the Cabal. Picking up her arms in need, she aided Lord Saladin for Iron Banner once the Iron Temple was reignited. And honestly, her voice is just incredible to listen to. Her short lines on the Iron Lords now gone, truly best girl material for that sentimental value. She is the one we’ll want, but will never get. Thus the fate of any and all best girls really.

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Truly a goddess with her piercing eyes.

Mara Sov

The Ojou-sama

A queen, not a Guardian. However, if she was one, she’d make a hell of a Warlock. Her history is as vast and impressive as her rule over the Reef. She doesn’t bow to anyone, and she’ll give you a fight you’ll probably never forget, assuming you survive. The ojou-sama is an adolescent type of character, someone who’s born of the upper echelons and often referred as the princess type, but really that’s a bit discredit if you think about it. She’s not a princess, she’s a queen and a strong and unyielding one at that. She won’t let someone make her a waifu, she is a ruler and she’ll demand respect out of you. And if she doesn’t get what she wants, she’ll still get her way just without your consent and agreement to a deal. Whilst presumed dead too, her mentions and clues to being in Forsaken could be a return of Destiny’s arguably most power female character. Her list of achievements is insurmountable, her tact unparalleled, her will unwavering, truly she is a queen and an ojou-sama to boot.

Honorary Waifu: Cayde-6


Look, waifu doesn’t doesn’t care about your sex or gender. It’s a term of endearment to the person you want to cherish, love, and (most importantly) obsess over. They’re the person you return home and can’t wait to greet them as you enter through the door. You long to go back just so you can hear their voice, see their smile, and give them a soft hug as they protest over the fact you’ve been working and need a shower. And here we have Cayde, he may not be the best at things, probably can’t cook, definitely isn’t a fixer, doesn’t have a fez, and possibly isn’t the type for long relationships. But what Cayde does offer is great recommendation on ramen shops, knows a guy who knows a guy, has a cape, and will even looks after kids that aren’t his own in his spare time. And you know what, sometimes the waifu you long and dream for isn’t the one you’ll get. But the one who supports, kinda like best girl, but isn’t going to be the sad character who’s often overlooked. Oh….

And there we have it, a top five waifus list from Destiny. Yeah maybe it’s a cop out for having the girls from the iron lords dominate the charts. But remember, waifus need love and support as much as best girl needs it. Think there’s a waifu I’m missing of Destiny’s legend, one that isn’t in the spotlight and deserves a loyal supporter shout out? Post them in the comments and let us see your support.

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