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5 Things I'd Like to See Improved in Two Point Campus

5 Things I'd Like to See Improved in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus is a fantastic management sim that has everything one could ask for — humour, customisation, practical mechanics and features, and a ton of content to explore. That being said, it isn't perfect, and seeing as Two Point Studios have bettered their formula, I thought I'd make an article about what stuff they could improve on the (hopefully upcoming) third instalment! 

1 — Inventory System

Two Point Campus Screenshot 8

One thing I find a bit difficult is to move things around once the campus is quite full in its capacity. This makes it so that it's not as practical to rehaul your layout after a certain time or experiment with buildings. If we had some sort of building/item inventory system, we could momentarily place things in it to make it easier to move. 

2 — Ability to Place Items Anywhere

Two Point Campus Screenshot 9

Although the customisation is pretty good and has had me playing for upwards of 25 hours (in three days, mind you), I think it feels a bit limiting to only be allowed to put certain items in their designated room. For example, I wish I could put the couches (which are limited to lounges) in any area; that way, I could make a cosy corner — or, better yet, bookshelves anywhere so I can remake my own Hufflepuff common room.

3 — Every Wallpaper in Any Room

Two Point Campus Screenshot 10

Speaking of my beloved Hufflepuff room, I can't decorate rooms quite as I'd like to because the wallpapers and flooring options are quite limited. Especially noticeable in the staff break room, where it seems like they're stuck in the 1970s! 

4 — Better Items for Temperature Control

Two Point Campus Screenshot 11

Don't get me wrong, I really appreciated being able to make the school a little cosier with some heat during winter, but I don't like how many heaters I have to add; it makes it look so repetitive and ugly! Perhaps making it so that they heat larger areas would be a good fix. Another thing in this same category is how sad it was to see that the braziers heat up an awful amount, making it impossible to use them as decor unless I wanted to fry my students to death before the year ended! 

5 — More Decor Items

Two Point Campus Screenshot 12

On top of being unable to put items in any room, Two Point Campus also has a slightly limited amount of decoration items. Although you unlock more as you play (or even completely during Sandbox Mode), it's still not enough to make many different rooms, making it a bit repetitive-looking. 

And that's it! Don't get me wrong, I love this game more than I expected to, but I would love to see some of these be implemented! Two Point Campus is an expected blessing for me this year, and I hope to see the third one soon. 

Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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