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Ranking the Top 5 Assassin’s Creed series

Ranking the Top 5 Assassin’s Creed series

With the Assassin’s Creed series not having a main entry this year, I figured that I would fill the void by ranking the series. As I’ve played all of them, I’ll count the spin-offs as well as the main series -- not an easy decision to make!


5. Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

In 1747 a young woman named Aveline was born and raised in New Orleans where she grew up to be an assassin. She would become hidden, wearing three different outfits to help rescue slaves, fighting with and alongside friends she loved and trusted, as well as agents sent against her by The Company. This is at number five because although I did enjoy playing it and experiencing the storyline it felt like it was my least favourite. It was annoying where I would be dressed as a lady, and would have to go change into the slave or Assassin persona to go climb or run. Also, when you're at the bayou you would have this one mission where you have to steer a canoe; on the PS3 it was easy, but the Vita I found it to be too challenging.

Assassin s Creed 3 Liberation Screenshots

4. Assassin's Creed Rogue

In 1731 a troublesome lad by the name Shay was born. Raised by his aunt because his father was in the merchant marine, he would often be seen with his friend Liam. He decided one day to join his father on his ship, when a fierce storm claimed the lives of Shay's father and several crew members. Shay grieved in his own way -- causing many fights in taverns until he was helped by his good old friend Liam. He took Shay to go and meet a man called Achilles, who became Shay’s mentor to join the Assassins. This is number four because I thought it was a nice touch that they let you use a ship to sail about from place to place, exploring just like in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. I did enjoy going about renovating buildings and also taking over forts and other places, too. What I realised when looking back, is that you don't fight a boss at the end -- you go and see Arno’s dad and assassinate him, then the game ends.

assassins creed rogue screenshot

3. Assassin's Creed Unity

In 1768 a young French-Austrian boy called Arno was born to a loving family, his mother and father raised him in a noble household in Versailles where he was well educated. When his mother discovered the Assassin activities of her husband, she abandoned her family. Following this, Arno traveled with his father visiting places around Europe and North Africa. Arno accompanied his father to many meetings where he would wait patiently outside. On one such occasion he met and befriended a young noble girl called Élise, and the two would run off and cause mischief. That changed when he heard his father got assassinated (as mentioned, by Shay), and he was adopted and grew up under the wing of Élise’s caring parents, François and Julie. François began training Arno, sparring with him and teaching him how to hunt. When he was older, and had left home, Arno infiltrated the Palace of Versailles in order to attend the party held in Élise's honor. He came upon a mortally wounded François, mistaking his state for intoxication. As François collapsed and Arno rushed to help him, one of the attackers called out to the guards, who assumed Arno was responsible for François' death. Whilst in the Bastille, he was helped by a man called Bellec when they broke out of prison, and later took him to the Assassins where he took an oath and joined the brotherhood. Now this is at number three because it was very hard to choose where it fell for me. The reason for liking it was because I thought, well Arno is a handsome young lad and very athletic -- yes I did have a slight crush, come on who doesn't have a crush on a character from a game? Anyway, the reasons for enjoying the game; I liked breaking out of prison and it was interesting how they created it, one thing I wasn't sure on was the way Arno became an Assassin. I mean, I thought it was a case of saying “Nothing is true, everything is permitted”, but Arno had to drink something that got him high and didn't even get a branding! Throughout the game I did enjoy running through missions, trying to find my way to the end where I found François’ killer and this is why it is at number three.

Assassins Creed Unity Screenshot

2. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

In 1693 a daring young boy called Edward was born in Swansea, Wales, to Bernard and Linette Kenway. After later moving to Bristol, the pastoral life did not agree with Edward and he became a well-known troublemaker in his adolescence. At the age of 17, Edward met a woman called Caroline, and they were married within a year. She became pregnant with a daughter, but before she gave birth or even told Edward he was to be a father she left him. Later Edward was in a ship battle, which he lost and his ship sank leaving him floating to an island. He awoke and met an Assassin, who he fought and killed, taking his clothes and weapons. He also found a letter of a job offer which now gave the name of Duncan Walpole to the dead Assassin. He decided to become Duncan and take this offer, eventually meeting a man called Stede Bonnet, who offered Edward his ship and became a crew member. Now you ask yourself “why has she put this at number two?” well, I didn't like the part where you had to swim and dive a lot where there were sharks and jellyfish, I found that challenging. But there’s still plenty to like, for one: the man behind the voice is the lead on Constantine, they chose the voice well and it fit the character. I did like traveling about and sailing, upgrading the ship and taking over different places, and you do later make your friends your enemies and have to go around killing them which was fun. What can I say, I do enjoy running about assassinating people. Towards the end I did like the part where Edward was reunited with his daughter and they sailed off together.

Assassins Creed 4 Screenshot

1. Assassin's Creed Syndicate

In 1847 a pair of twins was born, one a calm and caring girl named Evie, and one troublemaking boy called Jacob. After their mother died in childbirth the two were raised by their grandmother in Crawley until the age of six, after which they were trained by their father Ethan to become assassins. Evie relished in her father's lessons and gravitated to planning and research on the Brotherhood, and the Pieces of Eden, unlike the carefree Jacob who dismissed his father's education, preferring to explore factories and gambling dens in Crawley. Sometime after their father's death in 1868, Jacob and Evie traveled to Croydon with a man called George, a fellow Assassin and there they eliminated the group of Templars. After having completed their tasks, and impatient to journey for London, the twins were scolded by the older Assassin, warning them that it was not Ethan's plans for them. Following George's sermon and departure, Jacob and Evie secretly hitched a train to London, intent on liberating it, despite the Assassin Council's ruling against it. Upon arriving in London they came across a man called Henry who Informed the Frye twins about the Templars' vast control over the city, Jacob then proposed to form a gang called the Rooks to challenge the Blighters' power in the area, disagreeing with Evie's plan to recover Pieces of Eden. Later they decided to join forces to assassinate a man called Crawford Starrick and get the Piece of Eden which he possessed. Now this is at number one because I truly enjoyed not only playing with one assassin but two assassins in the same game, and what better way to be than twins. I found it interesting at the start, I was in a warehouse with Jacob and this was where I had to sabotage the machines. I came across my first victim and I assassinated them, and moved on to find a train. While riding the train, I payed a lot of attention to how it was detailed from the outside, and I was very impressed with how Ubisoft made it so realistic. Anyway, from there I got to control Evie, to do her mission. She was to assassinate her target, and thought she found the Piece of Eden but it blew up from there. The twins then decided to travel to London -- now myself I am not much of a traveler, but I was very fond of playing and traveling around London because my late father was from there and talked a lot about the places. The game made me remember what he said about the city. I also enjoyed looking through all the outfits Evie and Jacob had, and choosing the different weapons; where Jacob suited a Cane-Sword, Evie it was undecided whether she suited the Knuckles or the Kukri. I mainly used the Kukri. I did also enjoy controlling Jacob more than Evie -- now I don't know on whether this is because I'm a woman and he was very handsome and daring (like Edward in Black Flag) or it was the way he acted... Evie was also a lovely character to play, but she wasn't in too much trouble, she was more a sneaky person who liked to do what she liked to do by herself. I do like Jacob’s attitude compare to Evie’s -- his was more a laid back sort and Evie was like the big boss. I didn't enjoy going around in a horse and carriage; it was somewhat enjoyable at first, but then Ubisoft released an update, causing it to lag and keep jumping which is very annoying when you're concentrating on racing though the city. However, the improvements to the murder mystery missions was much more interesting and I did like going around solving and arresting the culprit. Now, this is the reason why it is my first and utmost favorite out the five I have listed, I hope you have enjoyed reading.

Syndicate screenshot

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Anna Duncan

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domdange - 09:26pm, 8th May 2016

No Brotherhood. My favourite by miles, used to love how you'd just hit L1 and all your bros and bro-esses would take everyone out for you

CraftyAK - 10:42am, 9th May 2016 Author

I did like brotherhood and was tempted to put that at maybe a number five but i wasnt to sure, and for the assigning assassins to do your job i thought was alright at first but then i thought why get someone to do your job for you when you can do it just as good yourself