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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell - 7 Deadly Weapons Ranked

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell - 7 Deadly Weapons Ranked

In Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, Gat and Kinzie must fight through hordes upon hordes of Satan’s deadliest demons to save Playa, their Boss and the President of the United States of America. To accomplish this, they carry an arsenal of powerful weapons and none are as useful, strange, or downright cool as the 7 Deadly Weapons. Unique among Kinzie/Gat’s selection, each of the Deadlies requires special methods to unlock and each uses its own exclusive mechanics. Even then, some are better than others. Here, I’ll show you how each of these deadly Deadlies rank up against each other and which is Gat/Kinzie’s best bet in taking on the Prince of Hell.

7. Lust - Boom Chicka (Shotgun)

Gat out of Hell 7 Deadly Weapons Lust

Unlocked by opening all five of Blackbeard’s chests around Hell, likely representing Lust with the treasure chest’s general symbolic value as a representative of desire and of pirate-esque vices like treasure, adventure, and sex. It’s a surprisingly weak shotgun that attracts enemies to you, causing them to dance towards’s Gat/Kinzie like some sort of peacock in mating season. Ideally, they’d then switch to another weapon to blast the technically stunned enemies to smithereens, an explosive combo. Sadly, the best theoretical weapon to use at that point would be a better shotgun. Close range, after all. However, while this may be more of a personal thing, I don’t usually like switching between my weapons with reckless abandon. I use one and when the situation calls for a change or I’m just feeling like using something else, I’ll do that. Gat Out of Hell already features additional powers that Kinzie and Gat can use in tandem with their weaponry, like supernatural blasts that radiate frost. These are already great for interesting combos with the gun selection, even featuring a variety of stunning effects similar to the Boom Chicka. Wasting the shotgun slot on essentially another Blast Arcane Power ain’t my style. Plus, the Boom Chicka isn’t terribly useful against the larger enemies, as they are both more resistant to the effect, snapping out of it sooner, and they tend to focus more on melee damage. Bringing them close to you with a subpar gun is a poor choice. Still, it’s certainly in line with its sin.

6. Greed - Diamond Sting (SMG)

Gat out of Hell 7 Deadly Weapons Greed

Unique in that it’s the only purchasable Deadly, the Diamond Sting is a great representative of greed, in that it costs 100,000 Wages from your local Sinterpol Armory. This golden gun uses diamonds as ammo, though don’t worry. They're not your diamonds. Still, 100,000 is a lot of Wages, but the Deadly Weapon of Greed will surely get you back up there in no time, with its special gimmick. Every demon defeated with the Diamond Sting will drop a plethora of Wages. This makes the Sting one of the best ways to rack up a tonne of money for other weapons and weapon upgrades. Sadly, this Deadly doesn’t offer any additional special effects and won’t make battles any easier or more interesting. In many ways, the weapon is the most boring of the bunch, but it still definitely works as a weapon. It can even be dual-wielded! Overall though, this greedy weapon is kind of middle of the road, as far as guns go. It works for what it is, but it’s not really trying to be the best. It’s one of the more useful in terms of game mechanics, but it’s nowhere near as fun as the weapons in the higher ranks. Everything past this though? A great weapon.

5. Gluttony - Last Supper (Special)

Gat out of Hell 7 Deadly Weapons Gluttony

Obtained through one of the game’s more unique challenges, the Last Supper can be Kinzie/Gat’s if they find (and order from the drive-thru of) the three Tacos Malos scattered around Hell. The fast-food restaurants act as fronts for business tycoon Dane’s less-than-legal activities throughout Hell, but they, as fast food joints, also act symbolically as places to engage in the sin of Gluttony. The weapon itself, named after the biblical event and Da Vinci's painting of Jesus and his disciples having one last, lavish meal which has often been used as a symbol of this very sin, is a perfect fit as well. Beyond the thought put into the special weapon’s moniker, there’s also what the weapon fires. As will become readily apparent throughout this list, the 7 Deadly Weapons don’t tend to use typical ammo, with the Last Supper firing a stream of pink frosting at enemies. It doesn’t do that much to said denizens of Hell on its own, rather inciting other nearby, unfrosted enemies to drop whatever they’re doing and start mindlessly eating their former allies. It’s an interesting inversion of the same sort of strategic weapon use as seen with the Boom Chicka, asking Kinzie/Gat to avoid marking every enemy with the Last Supper so that it can remain useful. Doing that can be a tad difficult as spraying frosting everywhere is more the rule than the exception. Still, when this gluttonous weapon succeeds, it can give Gat/Kinzie some much-needed breathing room and, unlike the Boom Chicka, doesn’t take up a weapon slot whose other weapons would synergize well with it. That way, it’s a lot easier to switch out to another weapon for combo potential.

4. Envy - Uriel’s Edge (Melee)

Gat out of Hell 7 Deadly Weapons Envy

Uriel’s Edge is unlocked through the completion of the five Marshalling Grounds Diversion around Hell, which each sees Kinzie/Gat killing multitudes of demons to access several Control Stones that will, altogether, turn control over the Grounds to Gat/Kinzie. This might represent Envy in the sense that Kinzie/Gat is coveting and then taking over Satan’s Marshalling Grounds. While its alt-fire will cause the flaming sword to be swung quickly, Uriel’s Edge’s main ability is firing balls of flame at enemies. This has to be charged up, but it can be oh so satisfying. A clear reference to the archangel Uriel, who also wields a flaming sword. Interestingly, while Uriel himself represents one of the seven heavenly virtues, that virtue, Chastity, is meant to be the opposite of Lust, not Envy. However, while neither its name nor its use really represent envy in particular (beyond the envy everyone watching might feel towards a really cool sword...oh no, it’s a penis envy joke), it is interesting how its unlock condition connects with the theme.

3. Wrath - Ark of the Covenant (Explosive)

Gat out of Hell 7 Deadly Weapons Wrath

Appropriately, Kinzie/Gat unlocks this Wrathful gun through the notoriety system of blowing Hell to bits until the most powerful of Hell’s soldiers come to take them out. Occasionally, instead of the usual one-on-one fight with an Archduke, Professor Genki in a large cat mascot head will be sent to stop you, wielding this very explosive gun. So yeah, make an untold amount of chaos and wrath-filled despair and then Gat/Kinzie can wrench the Ark of the Covenant from the cold hands of a corpse in a cat mask. And what a beauty the weapon is. A golden gun with an angel idol on top, wings pointed forward down the barrel, almost as if the angel is commanding the weapon to smite its enemies with some sort of holy might, much like the actual Ark of the Covenant in mythos. Instead of typical ammo, the Ark of the Covenant sucks in nearby denizens of Hell with its secondary fire and uses their souls as explosives. Specifically, homing blasts that arc through the air to hit their targets and explode before splitting into additional bolts that target others nearby. A single shot of this thing can cover the streets in ethereal explosions. And who could say no to a gun that reloads by killing people?

2. Sloth - Armchair-A-Geddon (Rifle)

Gat out of Hell 7 Deadly Weapons Sloth

By far, the easiest to get, which is a fun and appropriate choice. The Armchair-A-Geddon’s intended method of acquisition is to complete the Take a Break mission partway through the game’s storyline, though it can be obtained at any point prior to that by finding the specific rooftop where Kinzie/Gat takes said break and enjoy the view. You’ll get it just by playing the main story and, if you don’t want to even do that, you don’t have to. What could be more slothful than that? The weapon itself, its name being an obvious pun on Armageddon (a game based in Hell sure loves its biblical imagery!), is a nice, cozy armchair with a special surprise. That surprise is two gatling guns and a host of homing rockets. This rifle can dish out a serious amount of hurt, being particularly good at damage control and fighting from a relative distance. However, it comes with a trade-off: Gat/Kinzie’s walking speed is slightly reduced (as they are no longer walking at all, just rolling around on a magic armchair) and the Sprint ability is disabled. But why would they run when they could just kick back and watch the world burn? And by burn, I mean riddled with bullets and blown up.

1. Pride - Gallows Dodger (Pistol)

Gat out of Hell 7 Deadly Weapons Pride

Unlocked through the “Revenge” Diversion, which involves murderising the already-deceased husk known as Dex, an ex-member of the Saints and technically a series antagonist. Doing this a full seven times will unlock the Gallows Dodger, a sentient, double-barreled revolver with a deep voice that really really enjoys murder. This gun’s gimmick is simple and oh-so fun: each shot with the pistol fills up a red bar and, once said meter is full, the Dodger begins firing explosive bursts all on its own. It can get a little harder to aim with all of the chaos it produces and the increased knockback, but if you can wrangle the Dodger and aim it true, nothing will be able to stand in your way. It’s a darn shame it can’t be dual-wielded, but such power would likely destroy Hell. Why is it Pride? One might think, regarding the explosive shots, the gun’s love of murder, and the fact that you have to do a lot of murder to get it, Wrath might be a better fit. However, the Dodger’s gimmick forces Kinzie/Gat to prove themselves before it will unleash its full power and then removes much of the control they normally have over the gun, both inherently prideful acts. Plus, the murder is specifically targeting a man that turned his back on the Saints for greater social status and similarly considers himself higher than the Saints. Interestingly, this puts this weapon’s sin outside of the player and Gat/Kinzie, both in how it is unlocked and how the gun actually operates, unlike most of the other deadlies. This is a fun gun to use and I relied on it throughout the game. Its gimmick is readily apparent once it’s in your hands and is easy to use, though still allowing for some fun experimentation with holding onto the charge until a strong enemy arrives.

How about it? Do you agree with this ranking, or do you think I’ve overhyped the talking gun? Please tell us what you reckon should be at the top!

Erin McAllister

Erin McAllister

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