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Devolver Digital 2024: Cult of the Lamb Unholy Alliance

Cult of the Lamb has been rocking the gaming world since it was announced, and it’s continued to make waves with every update — including the time it accidentally got its community excited for in-game sex — and we doubt this one will be any different.

If you’ve already explored and unlocked everything there is in-game but haven’t had enough (or you’ve just picked it up; we don’t judge), then you might have another reason to jump in yet again! Cult of the Lamb officially has local co-op, so we can enjoy the wacky story once more, and this time, with a loved one!

If you’d like to see the trailer that announced it during the Devolver Digital 2024, check it out here on GameGrin! We also have a selection of pieces about the game, including a review, which you can check out here! And if you like what you read and see, don’t forget to wishlist or buy Cult of the Lamb on Steam!

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Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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