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PC Gaming Show: Space Station 14

Tonight at the PC Gaming Show, inspired by SS13, is Space Station 14. In Space Station 14, your shift at the space station has gone horribly wrong. Sabotage the systems, avoid disaster, and weaponise incompetence in Space Wizards Federation’s newest game.

With pixelated graphics, Space Station 14 is a free-to-play multiplayer where you take your role seriously as you make your own custom character. You could have any job, or you could be a traitor. As you complete your duties, you’re here to protect the station or sabotage it.

Have fun working with or against your friends while on Space Station 14. Come up with your own ridiculous plans for yourself, and keep an eye out for the game’s release. Space Station 14 will be open source and available on Steam for PC. You’ll also be able to play it on Apple and Linux.

So, add Space Station 14 to your wishlist now to keep up-to-date for when it’s available. Until then, you can request access to the playtest on Steam.

Summer Game Fest 2024
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