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Guerrilla Collective 2024: Cataclismo

The Cataclismo has left humanity in ruins, once grand cities and castles crumbled and gone. The ever-growing hoard of Horrors gathers at the final bastion of humanity and all seems lost... but they will rebuild, brick by brick! This is the setting we find ourselves in the upcoming RTS title, Cataclismo.

Rebuild the bastion and grow your forces as you fend off the waves of Horrors, command your fighters and make sure your walls can hold! As you carefully plan out the layout of your final defences, you must choose wisely which buildings to build, which walls to enforce, and which forces to deploy and where. If you choose wrong, you may see all you have built crumble, brick by brick. Unite and withstand the siege in this story of hope, resilience, and community.

Cataclismo will be available on PC (via Steam and GOG) on 16th July 2024.

Summer Game Fest 2024
Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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