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Guerrilla Collective 2024: SteamWorld Heist II

SteamWorld Heist II is an upcoming sequel by Thunderful Development and Thunderful Publishing, where players will join Captain Leeway and his crew as they attempt to unravel the mysterious danger threatening the Great Sea!

Whether you're jumping into the turn-based gunfights or engaging in real-team naval combat, the crew's fate is in the player's hands! By properly equipping them with weapons and equipment and customising their abilities, they'll be able to build a strong team to excel in the journey! Of course, there's more than just saving the world — set sail and get lost in the adventure-filled blue ocean, where danger and mystery await!

Catch the trailer here for a more in-depth look at SteamWorld Heist II, and keep an eye out for its release on the 8th of August 2024. Wishlist on Steam in the meantime!

Summer Game Fest 2024
Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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