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Guerrilla Collective 2024: Beloved Rapture

Sometimes you get the urge to go back to a classic RPG to relive some of that nostalgic loveliness, but quickly realise some of the features that we loved back then are not as fun now, such as random battles. If so, we may have the game for you with Beloved Rapture, a classic RPG with modern themes and features.

Venture into the open world and explore the many sights, secrets, and cities the game has to offer. You may even find handy shortcuts to make adventuring easier for you in the future! If the great outdoors feels lacking, you can also take part in minigames, gambling, or colosseum battles in larger cities, such as Alexandria! Get to know your team as you fight battles (which you can always avoid if you like, no random battles here!), solve puzzles, and unlock special character interactions during your journey.

Beloved Rapture is set to release later this year.

Summer Game Fest 2024
Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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