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Guerrilla Collective 2024: Ova Magica Early Access Announcement Trailer

One of the games showcased by publisher Top Hat Studios during the Guerrilla Collective 2024 is none other than Ova Magica, and this one has a big announcement to make!

Welcome to Clover Town, where you'll be partnered up with your very own blob creature as you embark on a life simulator with creature-collecting elements — Stardew Valley meets Pokémon! You'll be able to interact with the numerous blobs, hatch them from eggs, and turn them into your loyal companions! There are plenty of varieties and, yes, even a rival blob trainer for you to face against!

Though, most important was the big announcement — Ova Magica is coming out in Steam Early Access on the 23rd of July 2024! This means that it's only about a month until the first public release for the title, so stay tuned for that upcoming!

Summer Game Fest 2024
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