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PC Gaming Show: Stormforge

Tonight at the PC Gaming Show, we saw a new trailer for Stormforge. Developed by Roboto Games, Stormforge is an open-world fantasy survival game where you craft your own civilisation whilst facing a variety of different enemies.

You can build your base to traverse and explore with your friends in an online co-op of up to eight players. Take on the role of the Stormforged, a hero who can harness the power of the magical storms that plague the world of Stormforge.

Single-player gamers will also be delighted to know they can play Stormforge on their own as well. Survive the storms, and explore the world of Sorana, endless islands full of secrets, treasure, and enemies. All you need to do is find out what is causing the magical storms.

You can add Stormforge to your wishlist on Steam now to stay up-to-date. You can also follow any news on Roboto Games’ official website.

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