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PC Gaming Show: Southfield

Tonight at the PC Gaming Show 2024, we saw Radical Forge’s new trailer for Southfield. In a wobbly world, you can travel, automate objects, farm chaotically, blow up buildings, build, and more. With cartoonish mechanics, you’ll play as a Bud that’s sprouted from the land itself.

Explore the lands to your heart’s content while changing shape and transforming into different animals. If you enjoy physics, farming, and experimenting, then you will love exploring the ever-changing island of Southfield. You can change your appearance as you wish, so you’ll teach fellow Buds all about how to farm the island.

The wholesome farming sandbox will be available in early access on 24th June of this year. So, try Southfield out for yourself when it comes to Steam later this month.

Summer Game Fest 2024
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