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Future of Play Direct 2024: Dungeon Clawler Trailer

Some of us really love claw machines but find they're not as common in day to day life as we wish, and if you fit that bill, too, then you'll be happy to know Dungeon Clawler's here to put a stopper to that! This colourful deckbuilding roguelike comes to us by Stray Fawn Studio, and in it, we'll have to get weapons and items using a claw machine so we can make our way through the dungeon and succeed in combat!

That being said, we all know that aim and luck are equally as important when it comes to claw machines, and that is true here, too! Don't miss the grab on important items, as this is your only way of getting them! 

If this sounds like fun to you, don't forget to check out the announcement trailer for a better look at the game! And if you like it, wishlist Dungeon Clawler on Steam here.


Summer Game Fest 2024
Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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