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PC Gaming Show: Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days

Tonight at the PC Gaming Show, we saw a new trailer for Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days. Set in ‘80s Texas, Walton City fell to a zombie outbreak, and you lead a desperate band of Texans to safety.

You can see some of the side-scrolling action yourself in the trailer premiered. You’ll need to plan, craft supplies, and fight through the hordes to ensure your survivors do just that: survive. There’s no time to sit still in PikPok’s latest game.

Everybody is a normal person in Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days, and you need to work to ensure humanity survives ‘80s Texas. As the environment will change over time, you’ll find that each playthrough is different, so Walton City will embrace its dynamic environment.

Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days’ demo will be available in October of this year. So, add it to your wishlist on Steam to stay up-to-date.

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