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Guerrilla Collective 2024: Elsie

Test your skills in the upcoming title developed by Knight Shift Games and published by Playtonic Friends, Elsie! As described, it's a technicolour, hyperkinetic, rogulike adventure where you'll platform your way through procedurally generated 2D levels! Blast through tons of robots, find a variety of weapons and items, and master the multiple abilities you can unlock!

For those who might need a reason to slaughter robots, in Elsie, players explore a world that is constantly facing the next big natural disaster. In order to try to stop this, Dr Grey engineered a team of high-tech androids to help, dubbed The Guardians... and we all know how sci-fi movies end.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the release date announcement! In the meantime, wishlist Elsie and download the demo available at the time of writing. 

Summer Game Fest 2024
Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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