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Future of Play Direct 2024: Airborne Empire Demo Announcement

The upcoming Airborne Empire developed by The Wandering Band LLC and published in collaboration with Stray Fawn Publishing made an appearance in the Future of Play Direct 2024.

This strategy open-world city builder gives you the capability to start creating your city among the skies and all of the complications that come with that — from resources, propulsion, and every nuance that comes with a city in the sky! You'll use your powers to expand by exploring biomes, encountering characters (filled with dialogue choices, side quests, and an enthralling narrative) and learn new technologies from the grounders.

In this latest trailer, we got to see the announcement for the demo that is available on Steam right now! If you want to get started on the journey ahead of time, this is a great opportunity to get in touch with the title and start managing your floating city.

If not, you can expect the game to release sometime in Q3 2024!

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