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Women-Led Games SGF Showcase: Bubblegum Galaxy

Take your designing skills to a whole new scale in Bubblegum Galaxy, the upcoming cosy narrative-building game. Hop on your trusty, but small, computer and start your job as a planet architect, designing whole planets by laying down connecting tiles while completing challenges. Each planet has its own quirks and features, meaning you’ll have to flex those creative muscles to master your craft!

In between planetary design sessions, get to know your coworkers and their stories in the office. Inspect the surroundings, have a nice chat, and encounter memorable characters and hundreds of unique story events. If you can prove yourself, you may even end up finding out who deleted the previous galaxy from the servers and why!

Bubblegum Galaxy will be releasing on Steam for PC. If it caught your interest, check out the available demo!

Summer Game Fest 2024
Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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