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Ubisoft Forward: XDefiant

The free-to-play arena shooter, XDefiant, is coming out with its first bundle of new content in their Season 1 launch! Expect new maps, game modes, and even a new faction along with other goodies and updates.

Starting with the new faction, GSK from Team Rainbow is joining the fight, allowing you to play familiar faces from Rainbow Six Siege along with their unique skills and weapon skins. One new map will be added to the game per month, including The Clubhouse, Daytona, and Rockefeller! Finally, the new game mode added in Season 1 will be Capture Flag, forcing players to be tactical on both offence and defence.

XDefiant Season 1 is dropping on 2nd July. If you log in and play before 12th June, there are some free exclusive rewards up for grabs!

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Martin Heath

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