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Latin American Games Showcase 2024: Naughty Geese

Parenthood is never easy, especially when you are in charge of the kids and your SO is busy with the in-laws. Worse yet would be if all of the kids decide to be naughty and scatter the minute you turn your back with little concern for their own well-being! This is the nightmare Milo is thrown into in Naughty Geese.

What was supposed to be a peaceful trip turns into a violent battle through Geeseland, as changes in nature have caused animals to become aggressive and attack our feathered father. Travel through the interactive map on your motorcycle as you take on 2D side-scrolling platforming challenges and challenging bosses. Luckily for you, your goslings are as hard-headed as they are naughty, so fling them at your enemies!

Summer Game Fest 2024
Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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