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Ubisoft Forward: Assassin's Creed Shadows

Presented by Charles Benoit, Game Director at Ubisoft Quebec, Assassin’s Creed Shadows took the stage at Ubisoft Forward. Shadows is taking us to the open world of feudal Japan, dropping us into a period of war where the greatest warriors inspired the Samurai and Shinobi, both paths that you’ll take as you embark on a journey with dual protagonists: Naoe and Yasuke.

Showcasing 12 minutes of gameplay, we not only get to roam the town Fukuchiyama, but we also get full-on Samurai combat sequences for Yasuke and a tense Shinobi stealth segment for Naoe, as she quietly takes out a courtyard of enemies. Be sure to give it a watch to see how Ubisoft has taken its iconic assassin gameplay to Japan.

Assassin’s Creed Shadows launches on the 15th of November 2024 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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Alyssa Rochelle Payne

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

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