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E3 2021 - Battlefield 2042 Reveal Trailer

In anticipation for E3 weekend, EA and DICE were pleased to unveil a first look at the newest edition for the FPS epic series Battlefield. With the last entry to the series being Battlefield V in 2018, DICE are eager to keep fans satiated, and this reveal trailer aimed to do just that.

Showing off the various types of combat that players will partake in, ranging from a shootout through a futuristic city, to riding armoured vehicles over the ice and even fighting amongst a live tornado. The trailer also made references to some of the insane stunts players really pull off in-game, such as mid-flight dismounts of airborne vehicles to shoot down a pursuer, or driving a quad bike off a building to take out a helicopter.

It has been announced that Battlefield 2042 will solely focus on multiplayer, with no campaign mode at all, but promises massive map sizes with support of up to 128 players to create the greatest online Battlefield experience possible. We can expect to see more of what’s in store for Battlefield 2042 when we get an official gameplay reveal on June 13th 2021, and fans can already digitally pre-purchase Battlefield 2042 for Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

E3 2021
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