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E3 2021: Indie Showcase

E3 2021: Indie Showcase

The Indie Showcase kicked off with trailers galore, showing off plenty of games that we hadn’t yet seen during this E3.

First was Lifeslide, a relaxed paper airplane flight simulator. It looks nice and simple, and it’s coming on 6th of August 2021.

Then we had a trio of real-time strategy titles Falling FrontierAlliance of the Sacred Suns & Terra Invicta. One 4X strategy, one grand strategy, and one real-time strategy, and all set in space.

Fallen Aces came next, showing off a gangster-based first-person title that sees you beating up and shooting mobsters in a cartoonish graphic style.

Then we had a look at Larcenauts, a first-person shooter massively multiplayer PvP. We saw some of the characters involved as they played a capture-the-flag style match with a ball. It’s very much a hero shooter, and it’s coming to VR in Summer 2021.

Next was Toy Soldiers: HD, showing some of the “authentic” action with tons of explosions decimating, well, toy soldiers. It includes the DLC from the original version, as well as HD graphics. It’s coming out in August 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Then there was Moo Lander, a side-scrolling game where you control a spaceship in the shape of a UFO as it explores a strange new world that might be Mars. It’s up to four player co-op, and coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

For some reason we then got a trailer for International Game Developers Association, the world's largest nonprofit membership organization serving all individuals who create games.

Then was the cute shoot ‘em up B.ARK with its cute cartoony graphics, it’s up-to four player bullet hell co-op shooter.

Next, we saw an isometric action game in the style of a classic roleplaying game, but with guns. Titled Tunguska: The Visitation, it’s out now on Steam.

Neko Ghost, Jump! was next, a platformer that has you controlling a cat with a big head that can swap from 3D to side-scrolling. Coming to PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch.

ExtraGalacticaa platformer with shoot ‘em up sections. It also has a rocking soundtrack if the trailer’s anything to go by. It’s out now in Early Access on Steam.

E3 2021
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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