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E3 2021: Life is Strange Remastered Collection and True Colors Come to Switch

Announced at Nintendo Direct, Dontnod Entertainment's Life is Strange Remastered Collection (containing the original Life is Strange and its prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm) and Life is Strange: True Colors are coming to the Switch. The series of episodic, choice-centric titles have been critical hits even since the first Life is Strange game came out, but this will be the first time any of the games have come to the Nintendo Switch. 

Pick up Life is Strange: True Colors on the 10th of September and Remastered Collection later this year.

E3 2021
Erin McAllister

Erin McAllister

Staff Writer

Erin is a massive fan of mustard, writes articles that are too long, and is a little bit sorry about the second thing.

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