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E3 2021 - Devolver Digital Overview

Ignoring the meta conference narrative, Devolver Digital showcased an interesting eclectic mix of games from a visually filmic masterpiece, to the return of old arcade games. One is sure to catch your eye.

Shadow Warrior 3

Coming 2021 - PS4, Xbox One, PC

To hit the ground running they launch off with more gameplay of Shadow Warrior 3. Highlighting the continued tried-and-tested gameplay that’s core to the game, throw in a grappling hook to add extra traversal skill and you’ll be slaying on the ground and in the air.

Trek To Yomi

Coming 2022 - PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC

A homage to old samurai movies, Trek To Yomi follows the narrative of a young samurai, now ronin, in his quest to protect those he loves. Bound to duty, haunted by tragedy, confront the choices you must make to take the next step.

Phantom Abyss

Out now on Steam Early Access

Fast-past action gameplay showcase of Phantom Abyss in procedurally-generated temples with tasks in a massive asynchronous multiplayer. Use your wits and skills to escape and claim your rightful place, or risk never seeing the temple ever again after death.


Harry wishes he had this

Wizard with a gun

Coming 2022 - Nintendo Switch and PC

If you took Don’t Starve, but gave it magic and magic bullets, you’ve got yourself a compelling game. Take control, craft and outfit yourself a wizard that’s the mightiest one of the West. Journey alone or with friends as you build your base of operations. A new group game maybe?

Death's Door

Releasing on 20th July 2021 - PC, Xbox One and Series X|S

First showcased at Xbox ID comes a true highlight reel that took the already enchanting game to another level. Showing off the platforming, the fluidity of the combat and how interesting the world gets, if the game didn’t sell you with its style and polish, this was the deal maker that’d sign your soul away. A reaping crow’s work is never done, so get to it. Track down the stolen soul and defeat the creatures that have overfed on greed and power.


Coming 2021 - PC

From the creator of Pony Island and The Hex is another existentially challenging game in the form of a self-destructing love letter to videogames. Take your chance at luck, fight fate, and flee your captors in an escape-room-style game with a card-based battle/adventure system. Throw in horror elements and this’ll be a game that’ll keep itself clawing at your brain.

Devolver Tumble Time

Coming soon™ - Mobile

There’s not much to add/say about this, it’s a gacha game inspired by the Tsun-Tsun gameplay format. If you’ve never experienced the gameplay format before, you can try out Crash Fever.

Demon Throttle

Coming 2022 - Nintendo Switch

In a somewhat concerning move, Devolver Digital is making it heavily focused that there’s going to be a physical-only release for Demon Throttle, a game produced by Doinksoft the makers of Gato Roboto. Whether or not they actually make it a physical-only release, time will tell. Beyond that, the game looks stupid fun. In an unlikely pairing, a vampire and a gunslinger, both wronged by a demon, go on a quest for revenge.

Final Take

The madness sets in, and the main takeaway was why so many chilli dogs??? Beyond that, Devolver’s showcase was another continued meta-narrative in the game industry to point and laugh at it. Tongue in cheek, it was obnoxious when they had great games to highlight. There’s no clear stand-out winner since all of them are great in their own right. But if there’s a game to be most excited for, it’s Death's Door with its imminent release next month.

E3 2021
Owen Chan

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