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E3 2021: Rainbow Six Extraction Showcase

Today at Ubisoft Forward we got a look at the upcoming Rainbow Six Extraction, formerly called Rainbow Six Quarantine. First we were shown a cinematic trailer giving us some backstory, showing a meteorite crashing into Earth and causing the spread of an alien parasite everywhere. The operators from Rainbow Six Siege now fight the alien taking on monstrous forms and go on a mission to rescue one of their own.

Following the trailer we got some details about the game from the Technical Director Bruno Lalonde and the game designer Alicia Fortier. We learned that Extraction is a 1-3 players co-op experience and It is going to share a lot of elements with Siege but will be very different at the same time. As the players progress through the game they will unlock new upgrades and equipment designed to take on the new threat and will always risk losing all of it as fallen operators are going to get captured and will become unplayable until rescued. Enemies facing the players are an evolved form of the alien parasite that will take many forms and will require teamwork to take down.

The showcase ended with a walkthrough of one of the missions to investigate anomalies at a research center in Alaska, showing off some of the enemies and new equipment used to take them down.

Rainbow Six Extraction is coming on 16th September on Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Stadia.

E3 2021


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Acelister - 01:38pm, 13th June 2021

Rainbow Six, a series known for making you react to ongoing situations without a plan.

Rasher - 03:20pm, 13th June 2021

I know this one be everyone's cup of tea, but I really like the new direction, would bring me back to Rainbow Six.