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Koch Media's New Publishing Division and 12 Games Announced

Koch Media's New Publishing Division and 12 Games Announced

Koch Media recently announced its new publishing division: Prime Matter, its AAA stage for publishing new and compelling games for players around the world. And with the announcement, we were also showcased 13 hot topics in the incredible-spider-filled showcase reel.

Payday 3

The long-awaited sequel to Payday 2 is finally announced. Not much was shown at the press event, but details given are that it’ll be a continuation of the Payday narrative. Witness bigger and better heists, with the prospect of other rival gangs wanting to stop your fun in more four player co-op action, slated for 2023 for PC and console.

Crossfire Legion

Crossfire Legion Artwork

A modernised RTS made by veterans of the industry including Homeworld, the game itself will feature both single-player and multiplayer content for players. The game is slated for a 2022 release for PC.

King’s Bounty II

A game closer to release is King’s Bounty II, a single-player high fantasy featuring turn-based tactical combat. The game is slated for a 24th August release, on PC and console.

The Last Oricru

Continuing the train of high fantasy is a game that is best described as Witcher but with science fantasy and a kingdom to serve, rule, or conquer. Featuring melee and magic for combat, you’ll get to experience a branching narrative where each decision you make will either kill or save potential enemies and allies that’ll change the course of your adventure. Seamless drop in/out couch co-op will be a feature and will open up new experiences on your adventure. The game is slated for a 2022 release for PC and console.


Encased 1

More towards the sci-fi isometric RPG where you play the role of a budding would-be corporate worker for mega-corp, choosing between the different roles to rise in power in this sims-like adventure for the Cronus Foundation. Slated for a release in September 2021 for PC.

Codename Final Form (Working title)

Playing the role of a valkyrie in an RPG movement shooter, with the styling of a post-cyberpunk universe in three player co-op. Targeted for PC and console, the release date and more further details will be announced at a later date.

Gungrave G.O.R.E

Another game still in early development is a single-player antihero third-person shooter that evokes a caricature of the ultra-violent from the trailer that was shown. No date is currently slated for PC.

The Chant (Working title)

Keeping the gore and adding horror comes The Chant, a single-player horror game. Focused on the occult and darkside of spirituality, you traverse and attempt to stop the supernatural taking over this once idyllic campsite retreat. With an emphasis on mood setting, the game’s use of emissive/environmental lighting will be all the tells you need for your safety as you craft and make yourself weapons to defend and drive these evils away. Slated for Q2 2022 for PC and console.


Dolmen Close range weapon in action

For a less jumpscare and more Giga-esque horror-driven game, is this third-person action RPG with a soulsborn system featuring magic and melee combat. Details on this game were somewhat vague, the presentation itself focused on a video demo going through a portion of the opening section showcasing the combat and environment. Release is currently 2022 for PC and console.

Echoes of the End (Working title)

Another TBA release date game is this action-adventure game that screams Lara Croft for exploration and adventuring inside a mysterious dungeon filled with discoveries to be made.

Scars Above

ScarsAbove 04

But if you’re searching for a true Lara Croft, or one more focused on sci-fi, this is the game for you. Like Echoes of the End, this is another game where the storytelling is promising, and heavily refined from the visual form that definitely warrants Prime Matter’s high-end status for publishing games. Currently slated for 2022.


And to round off the announcements, a new entry in the series with information will be slated for more information at a later date.

Continued Support:

Games being brought under Prime Matter

Phoenix Point and Mount & Blade II will be getting a console port, with Kingdom Come getting a Nintendo Switch port. Wasteland 3 will be getting DLC, Iron Harvest and Outward Definitive Edition getting PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

Closing thoughts:

Koch Media, as part of the end of the press event, said that there’d be something mysterious, and hopefully not another spider-infested, to look forward to at weknowsomething.com. Highlights for me are Scars Above and Echoes of the End, and a close runner up to the pair being Final Form for its promise of being a shooter with an emphasis on movement. What about yours?

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