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E3 2021: Gearbox Showcase Overview

E3 2021: Gearbox Showcase Overview

Things began with a VHS cassette, as you might expect. It was for Gearbox University, showing off some games from Gearbox’s catalogue.

It began in earnest with a sizzle reel to get people pumped for what was to come in the E3 2021 showcase. Problematic studio head Randy Pitchford came on camera to talk about the Borderlands film that is in production in Budapest. He spoke to director Eli Roth and Édgar Ramírez, who plays the character Atlas.

Once that was finally done, we were shown Borderlands Science, something that happens when you play Borderlands 3. It was very vague and uninformative. I was told after the event by a colleague that it’s cloud learning in the form of a puzzle game, aiding The Microsetta Initiative research.

Then we were shown some footage of Homeworld Remastered Collection to tell us about Homeworld 3.

Then we saw the same Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands trailer that was shown at Summer Game Fest a few days prior. It’s still coming in 2022. However, then we were given an overview by senior producer Kayla Belmore. The game is unattached to Borderlands, and you don’t have to have played one to get into it.

Next was Tribes of Midgard, again the same trailer shown at Summer Game Fest. Julian Maroda, the director of the game, came on afterwards to tell us more. You play as a Viking hero who has been sent back to Midgard. You have to gather materials to fortify your village, and fight off enemies that come out at night. This can include giants! It’s coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on 27th of July.

Then there was some more Gearbox University nonsense, but at least it wasn’t Devolver’s meta stuff.

We saw a gameplay trailer forGodfall, with the news that it’s coming to PlayStation. Senior Technical producer Dick Heynf talked about recent updates, and that it will be coming out on PlayStation 4 on 10th of August with a free PlayStation 5 upgrade. There are new updates and cosmetics coming to the game soon.

Finishing things off, we were teased more about Homeworld 3, before it went on about Gearbox University, and told us to buy their games. Next, problematic studio head Randy Pitchford bothered Kevin Hart in his trailer to talk about the Borderlands film again. Problematic studio head Randy Pitchford ended things by kicking over to another sizzle reel.

E3 2021
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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