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E3 2021: Freedom Games Showcase

E3 2021: Freedom Games Showcase

The publisher Freedom Games had a show at E3, and we watched it! Every game went by the same format - we’d be introduced to a member of the team who would talk a bit about the game

Ian Cofino told us about Afterburner Studios’, before we saw a trailer forDreamscaper, a roguelite action RPG that’s coming out of Early Access on 12th of August.

Ben Wander came on to tell us about The Wandering Band, then showed us Airborne Kingdom. It’s a city building game, but your city is in the sky. It’s coming to consoles in 2021.

Jochem Pouwels from Targsoft told us about Coromon then showed us the trailer. Find and capture monsters, and make them fight each other in a familiar style, if a little more cartoony. It’s coming to PC and Switch in 2022

Then we saw Rick Sorgdrager from Roost Games, who told us about what inspired Cat Cafe Manager - visiting a cat cafe in Kyoto. He talked a bit more about the game before showing a purely gameplay trailer, showing how you will build and grow your cat cafe. It’s coming to PC and Switch in 2022.

Olivia Dunlap came on to talk about Little Rock Games, and To The Rescue!. You run a dog rescue centre. Build it up, care for the dogs, play with them and make sure they’re happy. It’s coming in 2021 to PC and Switch

Adam Carmichael was next on to talk about Microwave Games and Slaughter League. Take a competitor through a gauntlet of things designed to kill them in cartoonish ways, like a violent Ninja Warrior. Coming Q2 2022 to PC

Charles Moore from Sword & Axe talked about Dark Deity, a turn-based strategy RPG with 54 playable classes and over 300 weapons & spells. It’s coming to PC.

Brad Petry of Aurorian Studios went over One Lonely Outpost, a farming simulator with a difference - you create the town. Decide where buildings go, farm crops, and romance people. Coming 2022 to Steam Early Access, with console launches to follow.

The final three went by quickly, without someone from the studios to talk about them. Sands of Aura a soulslike action RPG with an isometric camera, coming to PC. Tower Rush, boasting strategic combat and big battles, it’s coming to PC in 2022. Anuchard an isometric action game where you fight monsters, coming to PC, Xbox One and Xbox X|S.

E3 2021
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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