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E3 2021: Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Gameplay

E3’s Summer Game Fest featured a small portion of gameplay from Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance. The upcoming third-person action RPG features characters from the popular D&D novelizations, The Legend of Drizzt, including Drizzt himself.

The gameplay was performed by Jeff Hatten, one of the game's developers; Hannibal Burress, actor & comedian; and Ember Moon, a WWE Superstar who has modeled her wrestling persona after Drizzt. The gameplay displayed a dungeon covered in traps, choosable characters, and burning the Big Bad Evil Guy in lava.

While only a small portion of gameplay was shown during the Summer Game Fest show, you can view the full video above. Dark Alliance will be released on 22nd June and is available for preorder now.

E3 2021
Kassie Kimball

Kassie Kimball

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