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E3 2021: Hooded Horse's 3 4X Gameplay Showcase

Showcased at Indie Showcase at E3 is gameplay for Falling Frontier, Terra Invicta, and Alliance of the Sacred Suns brought to you by Hooded Horse.

  • Falling Frontier is an RTS 4X where you seek to control and dominate over a system from other Earth factions.
  • Terra Invicta is another 4X takes place on Earth as you and your faction seek to become the sole entity to lead Earth into a new era.
  • Alliance of the Sacred Suns plugs RPG mechanics into the 4X genre as you use diplomancy and your ability to problem solve to help quell problems, or incite them for others.

All three of these games will come later this year for PC.

E3 2021
Owen Chan

Owen Chan

Staff Writer

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