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E3 2021: Microsoft Flight Simulator Port Announced for Xbox Series X and Series S

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), a next-gen flight simulator and the current entry in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series, was announced to be ported to Xbox Series X and Series S consoles on June 7, during the Xbox & Bethesda game showcase for E3 2021. The port will be released on 7th July of this year.

The announcement was made through a trailer that used footage captured in real-time on the Xbox Series X console. Along with the announcement came the news of a free Top Gun related expansion for the game set for Fall 2021.

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) received praise from many critics for its high graphic quality but was questioned for the ability needed of hardware to run the game. PC Gamer went as far as to say “the gaming hardware doesn't yet exist to make Microsoft Flight Simulator really shine,” in an article from Aug. 2020. The Xbox Series X and Series S ports will prove the capabilities of the console hardware and if they live up to the standard Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) has set.

E3 2021
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Charr Davenport

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