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E3 2021: Death Trash Announced for Steam Early Access at PC Gaming Show E3 2021

Berlin videogame studio Crafting Legends debuted a new trailer for their upcoming old-school RPG Death Trash at the PC Gaming Show E3 2021 Livestream on 13th June.

Along with the trailer came the announcement that the game will release on Steam through Early Access on 5th August. A playable demo is available on the game’s Steam page from 16th to 22nd June. 

Death Trash describes itself as “a post-apocalyptic role-playing game where cosmic horrors crave humanity but meet punks with shotguns” on their official Twitter page. The game features single-player open-world gameplay as well as an optional local co-op mode.

According to a statement on the official Twitter, Death Trash will release on console at a later date. “Death Trash will start as Early Access, but the final version will be released on: Steam, Itch and other PC stores. Xbox One, Series X, Series S, PlayStation 4, 5, Nintendo Switch.”

E3 2021
Charr Davenport

Charr Davenport

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