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10 Tips & Tricks for Dead Island 2

10 Tips & Tricks for Dead Island 2

The long wait for Dead Island 2 has finally ended! If you're itching to jump into HELL-A, slay some zombies, and see the storyline through, then here are 10 tips & tricks to get you through it.

#1 — Look around and loot

Fabric Loot Dead Island 2 Screenshot2

The lovely residents of HELL-A have left plenty of essential materials and goodies for you to take advantage of. From adhesive to blades and med kits, every place is full of resources to find and get!

These materials are imperative for you to craft modifications and strengthen some of your favourite weapons. Whether you want a blade that electrocutes people or a hammer to just crush all of the zombie's jaws, you'll definitely want to explore as much as you can to have everything you need!

#2 — Go back and reloot

Fabric Loot Dead Island 2 Screenshot Looted

Perfect. Now, we wait.

Go back and loot places! Items will respawn in suitcases and boxes you've already explored, so consider returning to get some more materials. Although they aren't exactly scarce, you'll want to have the freedom to explore with your weapons.

This is especially true because you can get cash from going back. Use this to upgrade your favourite weapon to your Slayer's level and repair any damaged weapons you have in order to use them again!

#3 — Use your weapons freely

Army Knife Dead Island 2 Screenshot

Do you like using your machete but are scared to break it? Don't worry about it! Hoarding your weapons will hinder your battling capabilities, and Dead Island 2 managed to create a good balance between using the strong armaments and not letting you get fixated on one.

Whether it's your trusty sledgehammer, a golf club, or even Wolverine's claws, you can freely use any of them, and once they break, stow them away to use them in the cleverly-placed crafting benches around the world. Sure, your weapons will break, and you'll have to use others for a while, but you can fix them soon thereafter!

#4 — Always carry an electric weapon

Uncommon melee electrocutor mod military knife dead island 2 screenshot

Zombies are like children, and they are very drawn to water. Or, so it seems, as Dead Island 2 has a lot of pools, floods, and water cans for you to take advantage of and electrocute them.

By carrying an electric weapon at all times, you can throw it at any body of water and kill the zombies in it, which is very satisfying and handy. The best part is that your electric weapon won't be taking cumulative damage, despite how often you might throw it, and you'll always be able to retrieve it once the damage has been done.

#5 — No need to heal always, but don't be stingy either!

Low Health Dead Island 2 Screenshot4

Your Slayer can carry up to five med kits at any given moment, and they heal surprisingly quickly with them. While you'll be fighting swarms of zombies, and you'll soon find different types that throw curveballs at you, you won't need to heal all of the time.

If you manage to succeed in a battle without healing, your Slayer will start recovering once the battle is over; even if you die, you respawn close to your death point.

That said, there is no need to hoard a hospital’s worth of med kits either, as Dead Island 2's HELL-A is plentiful with supplies, and you can even craft medkits using all of the loot you find! I'd suggest saving your med kits for harder bosses and fights.

#6 — Explore with your build

 Experiment With Your Build Different Builds Cards Retaliation Seesaw Block Skills Dead Island 4

As you play through the game, you'll slowly unlock new cards and abilities that you can use to change a mechanic in the game. From healing with counters to drop-kicks and face kicks, you'll be able to customise how your combat is best suited.

None of the perks are inherently bad, though there is superiority among the cards that you can wield. Test them out, play a little bit with them, and find the right build to bring about the death of the City of Angels' residents!

#7 — The best defence is a good offence

Defending Against a Walker Dead Island Tips Tricks Defend Defence is a Good Offence

Dead Island 2's blocking and counter systems are great for both surviving attacks and being able to dish some hits back. The generous window for counters is a phenomenal way to deal some damage and thin out the horde, as they make you invulnerable to hits and attacks from other zombies.

It's never a bad idea, not even with the common Walkers and Shamblers, to practise your counters. You'll thank yourself once bosses and harder enemies come into play!

#8 — Kick 'em!

Deadisland Screenshot 2023.04.18

Kicking is a function that Dead Island 2 introduces in the tutorial but doesn't go in-depth on. It also doesn't explain how this system can be used in other situations aside from the niche one in the aeroplane.

Experimenting with your newfound abilities to kick things (truly revolutionary!) will soon have you kicking the zombies. Although your feet don't do a lot of damage, you will find that regular zombies can be staggered from their attacks, giving you an indefinite window to kill them without being bitten back.

#9 — Kick 'em when they're down!

Zombie Execute Dead Island 4

The HELL-A residents have two bars you should pay close attention to: their health and stability. While the main goal is to kill the zombies, you'll soon find that the most effective way to do this is by breaking their stability.

By using the tools at your disposal to damage their stability bar, and once their life is below a certain threshold, you can execute them on the ground. This, much like the counters we covered above, makes you immune while you execute your foe, giving you the opportunity to reduce their numbers and not have to use weapon durability to dish out the killing blow.

#10 — Use your Curveballs freely

Curveballs Tips Tricks Dead Island 2

On your first mission, once you've set out from Emma's house, you'll be introduced to traders. These traders, alongside exploring, can give you an infinitely-usable item called a Curveball.

Curveballs have many uses and implications in combat that you can take advantage of. 

Whether it's starting a fight with a distant zombie to lure them, bait them with rotten meat, or even using it for various status effects, make sure you experiment with which ones you'll be taking into combat and see which ones are your favourites!

You are now a zombie-slaying expert! Now go out there, drop-kick some Crushers, and show them who's boss!

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